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This page provides information about the Import Changes from Chaos Vantage MAX script.


The Import Changes from Chaos Vantage MAX script helps you to return multiple cameras and animations from Vantage back to 3ds Max using Chaos Vantage Scene file (.vantage).


The installation of the tool comes with the installation of  V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max, update 1 and later.

UI Path

To access the script, go to ||Vantage toolbar|| >  Import Changes from Chaos Vantage (VantageToolbar_VantageImport)


Import objects of type

Cameras – Enables the creation of cameras in the scene.
Animated camera – Enables the creation of an animated camera from the Vantage Animation Editor.


Clear existing – When enabled, all cameras in the scene are overwritten and replaced.

Set time range – When enabled, sets the duration of the animation track to match the ones in the imported .vantage file.

Open Log – Opens the log listing the actions and processes executed by the script. Useful for debugging the scene if there is an issue. Default location is C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\MAXVERSION - 64bit\ENU\scripts

Visit online docs – Opens the documentation page for the script.

Import – Opens a browse window to specify a Vantage Scene file (.vantage) to import.





To use the script, just click on the Import changes from Chaos Vantage button. Clicking on the Import button opens a browse window to specify a Vantage Scene file (.vantage) from which all cameras or animated cameras depending on the selected options described above will be imported in the scene. Clicking on Open executes the script.

The script will automatically:

  • Detect if you are using V-Ray 5 GPU as a renderer and ask if you would like to switch to it.
  • Name the imported cameras the same way as in Chaos Vantage.
  • Create transform animation keys for the animated camera named VantageCameraPath with correct interpolation between the keys.
  • Parameter values for static cameras and create parameter keys for the animated VantageCameraPath camera.
  • Imported cameras are named [VANTAGE FILE NAME]_[CAMERA NAME]_###

The script will not import:

  • Transformation changes, material assignment, deleted or visibility changes to objects.



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