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This page offers information about the Post tab in Chaos Vantage. 



The Post tab allows control over the post-rendering effects such as Highlight burn, Contrast, Filmic Tonemap, LUTs, Bloom and Hue/Saturation.



Highlight burn – Applies exposure corrections to highlights in the image.

Contrast – Positive values push the colors away from the medium gray value to increase image contrast. Negative values push the colors closer to medium grey.




Filmic tonemap – Applies a parametric mapping curve and gamma correction. 

Type Specifies the type of curves used for the tone mapping. You can choose between Hable and AMPAS.

GammaSpecifies the gamma correction. It is applied before the operator.

Shoulder strength Determines how sharp the shoulder is. Higher values sharpen the shoulder, which results in an overall brighter image.

Linear strength – Determines the strength of the effect from changing Linear angle.

Linear angle Determines the angle of the curve at the base. Higher values increase the angle.

Toe Strength Low to mid tone compression. Higher values darken the low and mid tones.

White point The intensity, which gets mapped to 1. This parameter scales the whole curve evenly.




LUT – Applies a lookup table file to the scene. LUT can also be toggled on/off from the top toolbar icon().

Amount – Specifies the LUT weight, where 0 is no LUT effect and a value of 1.0 applies fully the effect.

Load LUT file... – Loads a LUT (lookup table) file.

Color space –Specifies the color space for the loaded LUT file .

Linear – The loaded LUT file will be interpreted in linear color space.
sRGB – The loaded LUT file will be interpreted in sRGB color space.
V-Ray Log. – The loaded LUT file will be interpreted in a V-Ray logarithmic color space.




Bloom – Applies bloom to the scene. Bloom can be also be toggled on/off from the top toolbar icon().

Intensity – Multiplier for the bloom source. Increasing the value can boost the effect.

Threshold – Sets a minimum value for the rendered pixels to be considered as lens effects source. The Bloom will be generated only regarding pixels with larger value than the specified threshold.

Iterations (spread) – Specifies the size of the bloom spread. Larger values increase the spread but impact performance.




Hue / Saturation – Applies HSL transformation on the image colors.

Hue – Changes the overall hue of the image colors (grey colors remain intact).

Saturation –  Specifies the image colors' intensities. Positive values produce a more vibrant, saturated image while negative values desaturate and dull the image colors.

Lightness –  Adds or removes white from the image. Positive values add white to the image, making it lighter. Negative values remove white from the image, making it darker.


Chromatic Aberration – Applies chromatic aberration effect to the scene.

Value – Specifies the amount of chromatic distortion from the center to the edges of the viewport.