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This page gives details on using the Chaos License Server interface.


The Chaos License Server's interface is accessible in a web browser. There are a few convenient ways to open the interface.

Accessing the Chaos License Server

When the Chaos License Server is installed and running on the same machine, from which you're trying to access the interface, you can do one of the following:

  • Open a browser and type
  • Alternatively, on Windows only, you can open the Manage Chaos License Server link from Start Menu > All Apps > Chaos > Manage Chaos License Server or by just typing this in after opening the Windows Start Menu.

When the Chaos License Server is installed and running on another machine in your local network, open a browser and type the IP address of the machine where it's running, followed by the 30304 port number. For example:

Browsing licenses

Within the Chaos License Server, you can browse and sort through all of your Chaos licenses and check their availability. To do so, click on the license page of any of the products you have a license for, then select the specific product you want to expand.

You can filter through Online, Offline, and Dongle licenses that are Available or In Use for the selected product, using the dedicated buttons at the top of the expandable menu.

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