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This page provides information on configuring the Chaos License Server.



If you are running the Chaos License Server on a different machine, you need to tell V-Ray where to look for it. This page describes how to do that.



You can change the license settings which specify the location of the license server. To do that run the Chaos license client configuration utility from Windows Start > Chaos Group > Change license settings.

This will show you the window below, where you can specify the IP address of the machine that is running the License Server. Please do not change the connection port that is set by default to 30304.



For example, if the license server machine has an IP address of, you have to put that address in the “License server” field, under the tab “Primary license server”.

Since V-Ray 6 the license settings can be configured directly from the integrate V-Ray menu. Go to V-Ray > Licensing > Set local license settings.