V-Ray Light Settings packages can be added to lights in Modo to give finer control and improve renderings. 



V-Ray supports all native Modo lights with V-Ray Production rendering and RT in a manner that produces a photorealistic lighting result. Most of the lights features are also implemented for GPU rendering. (See the compatibility page for detailed info)

The V-Ray Light Settings package, when added to Modo lights, enhances the lights to provide both fine control and rendering optimizations. There is no requirement to add a V-Ray Light Settings package in order to render Modo lights in V-Ray; the packages are available only to provide additional parameters for more control.

V-Ray Sun/Sky is a separate light settings package that can be added to a Directional light regardless of whether the V-Ray Light Settings package is added. V-Ray Sun/Sky makes it easy to set up a V-Ray Sun/Sky system.

There are several ways to add (or remove) a light settings package. All methods require the lights to be selected before adding or removing the package. The following light settings packages can be added.

  • V-Ray Light Settings – V-Ray-specific settings that can be added to any light source.
  • V-Ray Sun and SkyReproduce the real-life Sun and Sky environment of the Earth. Can be added to a Modo directional light.


Adding a V-Ray Package

V-Ray packages can be added through the V-Ray menu or the V-Ray Toolbar.



||Select lights|| > V-Ray menu > Add or Remove V-Ray package > Add V-Ray Light Settings to selected lights



 ||Select Lights|| > V-Ray Toolbar > Add or Remove V-Ray packages > Add V-Ray Light Settings to selected lights



V-Ray Light Settings can be removed from a selected light or lights with V-Ray menu > V-Ray Package > Remove V-Ray Light Settings from selected lights.


Adding a V-Ray Sun package to a Direct Light via the V-Ray Toolbox


||Select Direct light in Item List|| > V-Ray Toolbox > Add V-Ray Sun





  • V-Ray packages can be added to Geometry, Render Items, Cameras, and more.



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