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This page provides information on the Light Select Render Element in V-Ray for Unreal. 

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The Light Select Render Element represents the lighting contribution from a list of selected lights. Multiple Light Select elements can be rendered for a single scene, and lights may be included in more than one Light Select element. However, a good practice is to have one Light Select element for each light source in your scene. This way, specific lights in the resulting render can be adjusted (color, temperature, brightness, etc.), while compositing without the need of re-render.

The Light Select preset group has one array element by default, but you can add a set of lights as a separate render pass with the plus button.



Light Select currently work only with Unreal lights ( Point Light, Spot Light and Directional Light).





Enable – Enables the rendering of the channels included in this group.

Active – Enables the render of the channel.

Denoise – Enables the render element's denoising, provided the Denoiser render element is present.

Consider for AA – By default, the Image sampler applies AA based on the RGB image. When this option is enabled, the Render Element is considered for AA.

Filtering – When enabled, it applies the antialiasing filter to the render element.

Color Mapping – Applies the default color mapping options to this render element (Reinhard). 

Mode – Sets what type of lighting contribution is generated in the element as follows:

Direct Illumination – Lighting within the Light Select element behaves as normal and contains diffuse and specular information. 
Direct Diffuse – Lights within the Light Select element output only their diffuse contribution and contain no specular information.
Direct Specular – Lights within the Light Select element output only their specular contribution and contain no diffuse information.
Full – Lights within the Light Select element provide full output for all information available in the scene such as GI, SSS, reflection, refraction, etc.

Lights – Add the lights that are to be included in the Light Select render channel. You can select the light source from the drop-down menu, pick it up from the viewport or search it by name.