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This page provides information on the Rect Light in Unreal.

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The Rect Light emits light into the scene from a rectangular plane with a defined width and height. You can use them to simulate any kind of light sources that have rectangular areas, such as televisions or monitor screens, overhead lighting fixtures, or wall sconces. For any additional information, see the Unreal Rect Light documentation.

UI Path

||Modes Tab|| > Lights > Rect Light


Spot Light Properties

When rendering with V-Ray, the following parameters are supported:



Intensity – The total energy that the light emits.

Light Color – The color that the light emits.

Intensity Units – Determines how the light's Intensity setting should be interpreted.

Source Width – The extent of the Rect Light along its local Y axis.

Source Height – The extent of the Rect Light along its local Z axis.

Temperature – Specifies the color value of the light expressed in Kelvin.

Use Temperature – When enabled, the color of the light is specified by the Temperature value multiplied by the Light Color value.

Affects World – When enabled (the default), the light contributes to the lighting in the level. Disabling it will stop the contribution of the light in the environment.

Cast Shadows – When enabled (the default), the light casts shadows. Turn this option off to disable shadow casting for the light.