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This page provides information on the Utility Render Elements found in V-Ray for Unreal.

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The Utility Render Elements are a group of render elements that are generated for use in a number of different compositing and image manipulation needs.

Some of these render elements are also useful for optimizing renders and troubleshooting issues and aren't necessarily used as images in actual compositing.




Enable – Enables the rendering of the channels included in this group.

The Utility Render Elements share the same Channel options:

Active – Enables the render of the channel.

Denoise – Enables the render element's denoising, provided the Denoiser render element is present.

Consider for AA – By default, the Image sampler applies AA based on the RGB image. When this option is enabled, the Render Element is considered for AA.

Filtering – When enabled, it applies the antialiasing filter to the render element.

Color Mapping – Applies the default color mapping options to this render element (Reinhard). 




Sample Rate

The Sample Rate Render Element displays the work being done by the image sampler as a red, green, and blue image. This render element displays the work being done on the image as it is rendering, and will show the job done when the render completes.

A color is assigned to each pixel according to how many primary samples are being taken by the Image Sampler:

  • The Blue channel contains the areas which reached the desired image quality with few primary samples.
  • The Green channel shows areas which required more antialiasing (AA) samples to clean up than the Blue areas, but managed to achieve the Noise Threshold within the number of AA rays used.
  • The Red channel contains the parts of the image which didn't make it to the desired quality threshold, as they reached the maximum amount of AA rays before reaching the Noise Threshold.
  • If the Image Sampler type is Progressive, the White areas will represent the areas the sampler is currently working on, as they were found to not satisfy the Noise Threshold as of yet. 




Unclamped Color

The Unclamped Color channel is a color image that shows the original colors that were clamped or adjusted with Color Mapping. This render element is useful in the compositing process for enhancing extreme colors (very bright or very dark) or for shading the final image with the unclamped colors.




Noise Level

 The Noise Level Render Element shows the level of noise in the scene. Black areas in the image indicate no noise, white pixels indicate a great deal of noise in that area, and gray pixels indicate a moderate level of noise.