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This page provides details on the V-Ray Material Optimizer MAX Script, its functionalities, settings and use.

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The V-Ray Material Optimizer is a MAX Script for 3Ds Max dedicated to optimize the scene in the following manner:

  • Unwraps scene objects by creating a new UV channel and unwraps them using Flatten mapping algorithm
  • Analyses and sets appropriate Light map UVs resolutions based on object scale and complexity
  • Simplifies complex materials and shading graphs to single textures using 2D and 3D texture baking where possible.

The V-Ray Material Optimizer script works with V-Ray Next and V-Ray 5.


To complete the installation follow these steps:

2. Drag 'n drop VRayMtlOptimizer.mzp in 3Ds Max's viewport. The script is now installed to C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\MAXVERSION - 64bit\ENU\usermacros





3. You you can access the script by going in  ||Customize|| > Customize User Interface > Toolbars >  V-Ray Material Optimizer . For convenience you can drag 'n drop it in any toolbar for faster access.






When you open the script you get the following settings:

Optimization Mode – Specifies the type of optimization is done to the scene.

Unwrap and optimize – Combines the Unwrap and Optimize modes. First, scene objects will be unwrapped and then materials will be optimized.

Unwrap – Creates an additional UV channel to scene object and unwraps them using 3Ds Max's Flatten mapping algorithm. Object that have higher triangle count than the one specified in Skip count parameter will not be processed.

Optimize – Optimizes complex materials used in the scene. The process simplifies the shading graphs to single textures using 2D and 3D texture baking where possible.

Process VRayProxy – When enabled V-Ray proxies will be converted to Editable geometry and processed in the unwrapping phase. Instances will be preserved.

HOLD scene – When enabled a temp HOLD copy of the scene, that you can fetch back to its original state later.

Selected Only – When enabled processes only selected objects in the scene. If disabled the whole scene is processed.

Skip count – Sets a triangle count threshold above which objects that have higher triangle count will be skipped in the unwrapping process.

Smallest Light map – Sets the lowest light map resolution.

Largest Light map – Sets the highest light map resolution.

Open Log – Opens the log listing the actions and processes executed by the script. Useful for debugging the scene if there is an issue. Default location is C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\MAXVERSION - 64bit\ENU\scripts

Visit documentation link – Opens the documentation page for the script.

Process objects – Runs the script and executes the selected mode.

Timer (s) – Measures the overall processing time .