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Official Release

Date – May 28, 2019



New Features


  • Support for Unreal Engine 4.22
  • Toggle option for sky in VRaySunAndSky
  • Option to remove local host from DR
  • "Transfer Missing Assets" option in DR
  • Progress report logging when computing long task
  • Directional parameter in VRayLightRect
  • Light options to V-Ray Lights - Affect Diffuse, Affect Specular, Affect Reflections
  • Support for Specular Scale for Unreal lights

Modified Features


  • Viewport rendering with Translucent shading model
  • Speed and memory utilization when V-Ray Light Bake
  • Support for Unreal shading models - Subsurface, Two Sided Foliage
  • Support for Unreal expressions - Pixel Depth
  • UI layout in V-Ray Settings and V-Ray Light Bake Settings


Bug Fixes


  • Bug with lightmaps having offset
  • Performance slow down during UV tree preparation in V-Ray Light Bake
  • Crash in cooked games packaged in Shipping configuration
  • Issues with metallic or highly reflective materials to appear black after V-Ray Light Bake
  • Intensity mismatch between viewport and render when using Directional Light