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This page gives details on how to adjust additional settings for the licensing system. In most cases, these should not need to be adjusted.


The adjustable settings for the licensing system can be accessed from the drop down menu in the top right corner of the Chaos License Server web page.


Configuration File

File name – Displays the location of the License Server configuration file.


Use Proxy – Allows you to adjust your proxy settings.

None - No proxy is used when connecting to the Internet.

HTTP Proxy - The proxy is an HTTP proxy. Note that this does not mean that the proxy cannot pass over HTTP requests. Choosing this setting prompts you for a proxy address and port. Contact your network administrator for details on this setting.

Automatic Proxy Detection - Let the License Server detect what type of proxy exists. This is the recommended setting.

Proxy requires authentication - Enable this option if your network proxy requires authentication and enter the details to allow the License Server to connect to the internet.


Log Directory – Displays the location of the diagnostics log file.

Log Level – Adjusts the verbosity level of the information printed to the diagnostics log. The higher the verbosity level, the more information is logged, where the Errors Only setting logs the least amount of information, and Verbose setting creates a full log. The more information is logged, the larger the log files become.

Log Size – Displays the current size of the log file.

Expert Mode

License Server Network Visibility - Controls the network visibility of the License Server, which determines whether it will be visible to all machines within a network or only visible to the machine where it's running.

Port - Controls the port where the License Server Interface is accessible. Do not change this value unless necessary.


  • The Dongle subsystem allows a USB license dongle to be used in conjunction with the License Server. For more details, see the Dongle usage page.

When using a dongle license connected to the License Server, you are only able to access the dongle licenses on the machine that the dongle is connected to. You are unable to access dongle licenses over the internet on another machine logged into the License Server.

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