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Diffuse color – Specifies the color of the particles.

Diffuse map – A texture map that can be used instead of the Diffuse color.

Use particle color – When enabled, the material attempts to take the color from the native particle color channel in the Alembic file, if such a channel is present.

Phase function – Specifies how light scatters from the point particles. A value of 0.0 means perfect diffuse scattering in all directions. Values close to 1.0 specify that light scatters predominantly in the direction that it comes from. A value close to -1.0 specifies that light scatters mostly backward. The phase function is useful to simulate scattering from water mist or steam, in which case values between 0.0 and 1.0 work best. For dust particles, smoke, or soot, a value of 0.0 is more appropriate. The particular phase function model that is implemented is the Henyey-Greenstein model.




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Example: The Effect of the Phase Function Parameter