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This page gives some details about issues and/or limitations Chaos Group is aware of within V-Ray for Maya.




Chaos has identified a few areas where V-Ray has issues and limitations. Information on these issues and limitations is included here as a convenience. 

Known Issues


IPR Issues

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  • Changing the current frame while IPR is running will not update IPR when the new Animation Evaluation modes are used (Parallel and Serial). IPR can only be updated on frame change when the DG mode is used. This can be changed in Maya's Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Settings > Animation > Evaluation > Evaluation mode.
  • Motion blur is currently not supported with IPR.

User Interface Issues

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  • Sometimes V-Ray for Maya may fail to load automatically when Maya is launched. In this case, V-Ray must be loaded manually from the Plugin Manager. This is most commonly caused after Maya has exited unexpectedly (after a crash or when forcefully killed) in which case Maya fails to write its preferences and configuration properly. For additional help on this process, please see the V-Ray Configuration page.
  • Creating a new scene in Maya when Maya Software is the default renderer can result in an error on Windows and macOS, which can be safely ignored. On Linux, it can cause the Common tab to appear empty, in which case switching to another tab and then back to the Common tab should resolve the problem. This should be resolved with Maya 2018 and later, but older versions of Maya may exhibit this behavior.
  • Manually unloading and then re-loading the V-Ray for Maya plugin may cause Maya to crash.
  • The Outliner in Maya 2019 may not show sets, including V-Ray sets such as VRayDisplacement, VRayObjectProperties, Light Select render elements, etc. We recommend updating your Maya version as soon as an update is available from Autodesk. As a workaround, applying a filter in the Outliner and then removing it will force a refresh and the sets will appear.


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  • Materials cannot be used as textures (e.g. as an input to a texture or to another material). Although this can be implemented in principle, it may have unexpected results on the rendering, or lead to various issues. V-Ray will print warnings, however, for example in cases where a shader is found as an input connection where a texture was expected.
  • The Light Info and  Surf. Luminance shading nodes cannot be supported. Although these can be implemented in principle, they may have unexpected results and lead to various issues.
  • The Universal macOS V-Ray build for Maya 2024 is double in size compared to other builds. The reason for this is it contains two builds for each processor architecture under macOS - ARM and Intel. The Universal build for Maya 2024 currently doesn't support MDL shaders and Chaos Collaboration. Note that Chaos Cosmos is loaded in a separate browser window.
  • Motion Blur is not rendered in IPR.