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The License Server's interface is accessible in a web browser. See the License Server Interface page for more information.





By default, the V-Ray for Rhino installer offers License Server installation. See the Installation page for more information.

If you need to install the License Server separately, please see the Installing the License Server page for details on the process. This includes using your Chaos Group account to access your purchased licenses from anywhere online.





To activate your licenses, go to using your web browser. From the ONLINE LICENSING menu, click SIGN IN. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. Once the activation is successful, you will be able to see the list of your available licenses on the License Server home page.


Offline Activation and License Usage - Recommended for Machines Without Internet Access



You can activate your License Server even without Internet connection. To do this, download an activation request file from your License Server. Use another machine with Internet connection to log in with your Chaos Group account to and upload the activation request file. This will generate an activation file. Upload the activation file to your License Server to activate it. To move the files from the computer without Internet connection to the one with, you can use a USB device.

See also the Borrowing Licenses for Offline Use page for additional information.


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titleClick to expand for Offline Activation steps...

1) On the machine without Internet connection, open the License Server web interface page.

2) From the expandable menu of ONLINE LICENSING, go to OFFLINE ACTIVATION.

3) Press ACTIVATE OFFLINE button.

4) Download your activation request file ( 


5) Use another machine with Internet connection to log in to with your Chaos Group account and press Activate License Server.

6) Name your license server and press NEXT. 


7) Upload the activation request file you downloaded in step 4 and press ACTIVATE.


8) Download your Activation file (cert.crt).


9) On the machine without Internet connection, in your License Server web interface page, upload your Activation file (cert.crt) and press UPLOAD. 


10) Your site is now successfully activated.


The Licensing system allows you to use seats associated with your Chaos Group account from any computer. If you have a USB dongle with Chaos Group product licenses attached to your computer, you can utilize them with the License Server. For more details on this process, please see the Dongle usage page.

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You can access dongle licenses connected to the License Server only through the machine that the dongle is connected to. Dongle licenses cannot be accessed on another machine logged into the License Server.




In most situations, adjusting the Settings for the online licensing system is not necessary. But if you need to adjust something, such as your connection settings because you're using a Proxy server, you can find them in the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the License Server webpage. For more details on what settings are adjustable from this area, please see the Advanced Settings page.

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If you encounter any error messages, or are having any trouble with your license, please visit the License Server Troubleshooting page.Image Removed