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This page provides information on how the latest version of V-Ray handles scenes saved with previous versions of V-Ray.

Grasshopper Rig Components

Starting with V-Ray6.10.10, the migration of Rig components, created with V-Ray 6.10.00, requires parameter rewiring.



V-Ray 6 adds a number of rendering optimization features. However, for compatibility reasons, some features and workflows have been adjusted and are discussed in detail below.


Starting with V-Ray 5.20.01, V-Ray special objects (Fur/Clipper/Displacement/Mesh Light/Scatter) are not deleted from the Asset Editor, when the last item with the corresponding special object assigned to it, is deleted from the viewport.



Loading Rig components from projects created with V-Ray 6.10.00 into newer versions, requires parameter rewiring. In V-Ray V-Ray6.10.01 some input and output parameters of the Grasshopper Rig Light components have been rearranged. Due to this reason, when a project created with the previous version is opened, the parameters appear to not be wired properly. In such cases, rewire the parameters manually for proper project performance.

Migration from Previous Versions


If you need to migrate an outdated scene, you will need to perform a 2-step migration - first one to V-Ray 3.6 and a second one to V-Ray 5.

To do so, first visit, enable the Show older versions checkbox, and download V-Ray 3.6.