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The New V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB) is a second-generation V-Ray virtual frame buffer.

The New VFB is much more than a render image holder window, with Light Mix capabilities for modifying the project lighting after rendering and Layer Compositing for a higher level of post-processing adjustments.

  • Image preview:
    Loads render elements channels via a dropdown list;
    Works with display corrections;
    Loads various 8bit and 32bit file formats, including V-Ray resumable files;
    Image comparison between 2 or 4 renders;
  • Image management:
    Keeps the rendered image in full 32-bit floating-point format;
    Stores history of rendered images with their post rendering corrections;
    Saves corrected output to various image formats;
  • Image editing and post-processing:
    Add Color Corrections to rendered image and its elements;
    Layer Compositing for anything from a simple Back to Beauty workflow or advanced compositing;
    LightMix adjustment of the project lighting after rendering the image;
  • Project editing:
    Modifies actual lights values by transferring updated intensity and color from LightMix mode;
  • Render management:
    Denoiser control;
    Region rendering control and test resolution;
    Allows you to choose the order in which the buckets are rendered.
  • Collaboration:
    Shares images with other Chaos users in Chaos Cloud Rendering.
UI Text Box

VFB Cloud Collaboration is a new feature available only in V-Ray 6 for Revit.

To learn how to work with the New VFB, check the Courseware section.





UI Path




||Revit Ribbon|| > V-Ray tab > Render panel > Show / Hide Frame Buffer