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The steps are the same as for setting system variables, except adding new user variables or modifying existing ones is done in the system environment and is defined by the User variables for <username> list in the top half of the screen. 

Linux and macOS

UI Text Box

We strongly discourage users from altering system or user variables on Linux and macOS. Resources for doing this can be found on the Internet. We recommend using shell scripts to define custom environments for your processes.


For example, Set MY_VARIABLE=C:\Some Directory is correct, while Set MY_VARIABLE="C:\Some Directory" is wrong.

On all operating systems, the only place where quotes are required is when the path to an executable file has spaces. For example: "C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\Standalone for x64\bin\vray.exe"


Bat and Shell scripts

.bat (Windows) and .sh (Linux / macOS ) scripts are a very convenient way to start an application with a custom environment. In fact, this is the recommended approach for running our V-Ray Portable Installation.