Build 5.10.03

Nightly Build

Updated Date - Apr. 29, 2021

 Please note that the V-Ray Hydra delegate is activated for V-Ray 5 builds for Houdini versions greater than 18.5.462*, on Windows and Linux only. OSX support is coming at a later stage.

*if possible, please use the latest Houdini production build.

The "Scene Import (All)" LOP's will set the "Additional Parameters" to "*" (wildcard) by default – this will cause incorrect material import for V-Ray Material Builder VOPs coming from 'vanilla' Houdini. The wildcard should be removed to ensure proper import of the V-Ray materials in LOPs.

Supported Features

  • Live & Referenced (through USD) geometry
  • Instancing & Variants
  • V-Ray Lights
  • V-Ray Materials
  • V-Ray Displacement
  • V-Ray Subdivision
  • V-Ray Physical Camera (with Depth of Field & Motion Blur)
  • V-Ray Object Properties (through Render Geometry Settings LOP)
  • V-Ray Matte Surfaces (through Render Geometry Settings LOP)
  • V-Ray Render Settings (through Render Settings LOP)
  • V-Ray Production/Final rendering (through USD Render ROP LOP)
  • V-Ray Batch rendering (through Husk)

Temporary Limitations

  • AOVs are supported in the Solaris viewport but not saved on disk when rendering with husk
  • V-Ray Environment Fog is not implemented yet.
  • V-Ray Aerial Perspective is not implemented yet.
  • V-Ray Clipper is not implemented.
  • V-Ray Fur is not implemented
  • V-Ray Plane is not implemented
  • V-Ray Proxy import is not available due to a Solaris limitation
  • V-Ray VRScene import is not available due to a Solaris limitation

Known Issues

  • Using USD PrimVars for shading has no effect
  • Crash with V-Ray Color to Mono VOP
  • Updating Displacement materials will occasionally require a delegate restart
  • V-Ray materials will fail at automatically generating a Preview Surface Shader (Material Library LOP)
  • The V-Ray Hydra delegate will occasionally require a viewport pan/zoom to force an update