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Official Release

Date - December 02, 2020

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New Features

Environment Fog

  • Added two environment fog layers with individual settings


  • Support for deleting objects in the scene
  • Added "Place" functionality when drag and dropping .vrscene

Live Link

  • Added option for installation of 3Ds Max live link scripts in installer


  • Added toggle opacity button in top toolbar
  • Added option to make Chaos Vantage window always on top 


  • Record the viewport to an .mp4 file in real time
  • Added .mp4 and .mkv export type for animation

Offline Render

  • Added denoising and motion blur option in render high quality snapshot or sequence


  •   Added color space setting for LUT files


  • Added support for UVWGenRandomizer  

Motion blur

  •  Support for motion blur in offline rendering 

MAX Scripts



  • Improved bump support with scenes generated from V-Ray 5
  • Improved bump parity between Chaos Vantage and V-Ray

Live Link

  • Improved Live link support  with all V-Ray 5 plugins supporting DR


  • Reworked Camera tab parameters layout
  • Improved icon and camera thumbnail rendering for hi dpi monitors
  • Increased environment "Intensity" cap to 1000
  • Replaced EDITOR, LUT and BLOOM buttons with icons
  • Added Feedback Program tab in Preferences menu 
  • Improved Shortcuts menu layout





  • Bump does not render behind refractive objects


  • Crash when deleting camera while in "Recording camera movement" mode
  • "Level Camera" does not reset correctly camera roll with an Y scene_upDir

Multi GPU

  • Creeping artifacts with 2 GPUs