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What is Chaos Cosmos?

Chaos Cosmos Content System delivers an asset library of high-quality, render-ready 3D content carefully selected from the rich Chaos ecosystem. It allows Chaos users from their respective Chaos products to browse, place, and render 3D assets in their visualization projects. The asset categories span across vegetation, materials, furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures, vehicles, people, animals, architecture, presets (i.e. ready-to-use predefined sets of 3D models like grass and dandelion lawns, tree avenues, river bed, wild bushes, palm forest, hedges, group of people and more), enmesh-patterns and HDRI skies, organized in four main categories and nine spaces. 

 In addition, all assets go through a rigorous process of selection and Chaos quality checks to make sure that they work seamlessly in different Chaos renderers (V-Ray 5 and above, V-Ray GPU, Vision, as well as Chaos Vantage) and host apps (3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, Maya, Houdini, etc).


Who are the Chaos Cosmos asset creators?

Find “Brands” and “Vendors” asset creators under the ”Creators” category.

The Brands subcategory includes the digital twins of all brand manufacturers that produce and distribute physical products like furniture (for home and office, restaurant and café, retail, urban and country), interior and exterior fabrics, lamps, indoor or outdoor accessories, smart building technology with focus on sockets and switches, and more. The digital twins of our brand partners span across diverse styles and themes - organic, sustainable, modern, classic, trendy, Scandinavian, Asian, etc.

The Vendors subcategory includes 3D assets from the Chaos ecosystem as well as content, developed by external 3D asset creators.

Every vendor in this category has explored methods and technologies that meet the needs of 3D artists focused on creating realistic visualizations in architectural and interior design, product design, e-commerce, VFX, film and game design, VR and AR applications. The category includes 3D plants and vegetation (indoor and outdoor), 3D people (standing, sitting, cycling, groups, children, families and couples with Asian, European and African physical characteristics), animals, products (bottles, candles, cups, plates, etc), vehicles (cars, busses, trucks, trams, helicopters, ambulances, motorcycles, etc), HDRs (day, night and evening lighting), scenes and complete environments.

 There are two ways to identify a brand manufacturer or vendor:

  • By opening the detailed view of each 3D asset. Click on the name of the asset creator to find out more about its business and see the link to its website or webshop.
  • By clicking on the “Brands” or “Vendors” categories to see the list of all available asset creators, preview their asset collections, find out more about them and see the link to their website or webshop.

If you are a brand manufacturer or vendor that wants to provide digital twins or 3D assets for the Chaos Cosmos library, please contact our business team at

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