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This article explains the settings and values for the Corona Slicer Material.


With the Corona Slicer Material, you can use any object in your scene to cut away parts of another object where they intersect.

This is a render-time effect so it will not change the actual geometry.



Slicer properties


Enable – This enables or disables generating caps for the sliced geometry.

Use cap material – This enables or disables the cap material specified in the "Material" slot. If disabled, the original object's material will be used for the caps. 

Material – In this slot, you can define the material for the capped surface. It can be enabled or disabled using the "Use cap material" checkbox. 



Mode – This parameter defines the use of the below objects list.

Available modes are:

  • Include
  • Exclude

Objects – Use this list to include or exclude scene objects that will be affected by the slicing geometry. If the mode is set to Exclude and the list is empty, the Slicer material will slice any object intersecting with it. 

Include children – If the slicing geometry is a group (using a null object as the parent) or an object that contains nested elements, enabling this option will include them all if you assign the Corona Slicer Material to the group (null object) or parent geometry.






Corona Slicer Material – Example A

In this case, the teapot will be sliced and the resulting geometry will remain OPEN until you turn on the "Enable" checkbox for the "Caps" section in the Corona Slicer Material:


Corona Slicer Material – Example B

In this case, the teapot is sliced, and the color of the "slicer geometry" is used for the caps:





Corona Slicer Material Example C

In this case, the teapot object is sliced, and the surface is using the material defined in the Corona Slicer "Material" section:


Corona Slicer Material Example D

n this case, by disabling the "Use cap material" checkbox, the teapot will be sliced, and the material of the teapot will be used for the capped surface:





Corona Slicer Material – Example E

Corona Slicer material visually cuts away part of the objects, the overall lighting is now visible for the inner parts of the objects, but there might be some special cases where you want to keep the shadows like for example in architectural visualization.


Corona Slicer Material – Example F

In this example, the slicing geometry is using a Corona Slicer Material but this time the edges of the caps are rounded because of using the Corona Round Edges shader for both the Base material and the Caps material.