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This page provides information on the Render Stamp Variables in Chaos Corona for Cinema 4D.


The Render Stamp is a feature that allows users to customize and display various information, such as render time, date, frame number, and more, as text in the rendered image.





When enabled, a text displaying render information is added in the bottom right corner of the rendered output. You can click the little button before the checkbox to see the list of all available variables you can use.

UI Path ||Render Settings|| > Frame buffer settings tabFrame Buffer.

The content of the render stamp accepts text and the special variables listed under the button.




Render Stamp Variables

Render Stamp VariableDescription
%ptpPerformance: Preprocessing time (in milliseconds)
%ptgPerformance: Geometry preprocessing time (in milliseconds)
%ptsPerformance: Secondary solver precomputation time (in milliseconds)
%ptdPerformance: Denoising time (in milliseconds)
%ptPerformance: Total elapsed time
%prPerformance: Rays per second
%psPerformance: Rays per sample
%ppPerformance: Passes
%pePerformance: Noise level
%slScene: Number of light primitives
%soScene: Number of objects
%suScene: Number of unique primitives
%sdScene: Number of displacement primitives
%siScene: Number of instanced primitives
%cCPU name
%ctNumber of CPU thread(s)
%bnCorona build name
%bCorona build date
%dCurrent date/time
%hCurrent time
%fCurrently rendered filename
%nActual frame number
%oOutput filename
%vCurrent camera name
%iThis computer name
%mcMemory currently used by Corona
%mcpPeak memory used by Corona
%mpVirtual memory currently used by Cinema 4D + Corona
%mppPeak virtual memory used by Cinema 4D + Corona
%msVirtual memory currently used by the system
%bpnCorona plugin build name






 An image with the render stamp visible in the bottom right corner: