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This article explains the settings and values for the Scatter Edge Trimming shader in Cinema 4D.




The Scatter Edge Trimming shader allows you to trim scattered instances consisting of multiple mesh elements so that they stay within the boundaries of the distribute-on objects or the include/exclude splines. In addition to making the scattering look more refined and natural, this feature also provides a performance increase - thanks to removing some of the instances, you can save RAM and make parsing time shorter. 

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Shader properties

Default shader –  If a material is using some opacity texture in addition to the Scatter Edge Trimming shader, this texture can be defined here.


UI Path: || Node Material Editor || > Create > New shader > Corona > Scatter Edge Trimming


Note: If V-Ray is also installed on the computer, the UI Path will be as follow: UI Path: || Node Material Editor || > Create > New shader > plugins > Scatter Edge Trimming

Using the right-click on the working area can also show the menu to create new shaders/materials.






With Scatter Edge Trimming
Without Scatter Edge Trimming