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This page provides information on the Corona Color Map, its settings, and usage.


Corona Color is a simple map that outputs the user-defined color. The color values can be defined using 3ds Max Color Selector or Corona Color Picker, HDR RGB values, Kelvin temperature, and Hexadecimal code.

The output value can also be multiplied and its alpha can be specified. Input can be set to either gamma-corrected or linear color space.


Solid color – Allows to select the color using Corona Color Picker (Solid Color).

Solid HDR color – Defines the specific color based on HDR RGB values (Solid HDR color).

RGB primaries – Selects the color space of the input. The texture values are transformed from the selected space to the space in which the material tree is evaluated. It is Linear sRGB with the Gamma workflow or current rendering space with the OCIO workflow. 

sRGB – Gamma-corrected sRGB space with gamma equal to 2.2.

Linear – Classic color space with a limited gamut. 

Rendering – Currently selected rendering space. 

The RGB primaries option does not affect the colors selected by the Corona Color Picker, which has its own setting for the color space. 

Kelvin temperature – Defines the color based on Kelvin temperature values.

Hex color – Defines the specific color based on Hexadecimal codes (Hex color).

Output multiplier – Multiplies the results by a constant number.

Alpha – Texture alpha to output. When used with CoronaMtl, values lower than 1 cause the texture output to be mixed with the corresponding color slot.

Input values are in linear color space – When disabled, the input is assumed to be in gamma-corrected sRGB space, and gamma is removed from it. When using the Corona improved color picker dialog, this option should be enabled unless you know what you are doing. Values entered in sRGB in the Corona Color Picker are displayed correctly only when this checkbox is enabled.