Table of Contents

This page provides information on the Corona Data map in 3ds Max.



Corona Data map outputs various data channels and is intended mainly for debugging purposes.

This map can also be used to create some interesting effects – for example, coloring objects based on their viewport wire color.





Mode – This parameter allows you to select between different modes for extracting the data.

  • Primitive type
  • Pixel: World ratio
  • DUVW
  • Abs (DUVW)
  • Tangent
  • Material Type
  • Mesh component
  • World position
  • Shading normal
  • Geometry normal
  • Dot product shading
  • Z-Depth
  • Backside hit
  • Instance ID (source mode)
  • Material ID
  • Primitive ID
  • Sub-primitive ID
  • Object Space Normal
  • Object Gradient
  • Wire Color
  • UVW
  • Circle of cunfusion