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This page provides information on the Render Stamp Variables in Chaos Corona for 3ds Max.


The Render Stamp is a feature which allows users to customize and display various information, such as render time, date, frame number, and more, as a text in the rendered image.



When enabled, a text with render information is added to the bottom right corner of the rendered output.

R – Resets the content of the render stamp text field to its defaults.

? – Opens the list of all available variables.

UI Path ||Render Settings|| > System tab > Frame Buffer.


The content of the render stamp accepts text and the special variables listed under the "?" button.


Render Stamp Variables

Render Stamp VariableExplanation
%ptpPerformance: Parsing time (in milliseconds)
%ptgPerformance: Geometry preprocessing time (in milliseconds)
%ptsPerformance: Secondary solver precomputation time (in milliseconds)
%ptdPerformance: Denoising time (in milliseconds)
%ptPerformance: Total elapsed time
%prPerformance: Rays per second
%psPerformance: Rays per sample
%ppPerformance: Passes
%pePerformance: Noise level
%slScene: Number of light primitives
%soScene: Number of objects
%siScene: Number of instanced primitives
%suScene: Number of unique primitives
%sdScene: Number of displacement primitives
%cCPU name
%ctNumber of CPU thread(s)
%bnCorona build name
%bCorona build datestamp
%dCurrent date/time
%hCurrent time
%fCurrently rendered filename
%nActual frame number
%oOutput filename
%vCurrent camera name
%iThis computer name
%mcMemory currently used by Corona
%mcpPeak memory used by Corona
%mpVirtual memory currently used by the host application + Corona Renderer
%mppPeak virtual memory used by the host application + Corona Renderer for that session of the host application
%msVirtual memory used by the system



 An image with the render stamp visible in the bottom right corner: