Download the scenes and assets for this training, grouped into separate files for each lesson. You can also download each file on the respective Lesson page. 

The scenes and assets are packed into a project file. These must be downloaded together to ensure that all textures and other assets will load correctly.
Once you download the zip file, extract it anywhere on your machine and make sure not to change the folder structure.

The courseware was created to deliver all necessary knowledge, while demonstrating the industry standard workflows for generating photo-realistic renders. This approach allows us to demonstrate what each feature does as well as teach how and when to use it. To do that we have provided:

  • video tutorials 
  • accompanying scenes and assets 
  • lesson guides in the form of pdf files.

The video tutorials are included in each lesson.

 Download all lesson guides for this courseware. You can also download each lesson guide on the respective Lesson page. 

Archived versions

You can download below archives of the Courseware for older, unsupported V-Ray versions for offline use.

To view them properly, unzip the archive and load one of the html files in your browser. This loads the whole website offline.

V-Ray Next for SketchUp Courseware

V-Ray 3.x for SketchUp Courseware