3.4 Metalness

In V-Ray Next there’s new “Metalness” parameter found in the reflection part of the V-Ray standard material (VRayMtl). Metalness allows you to match PBR setups from other applications such as Unreal or Substance Designer.

  • Let's take a look at how we can match a PBR material created in Substance Designer by utilizing this workflow
  • Open the material editor and connect the "Diff" map to the “Diffuse” slot of the material
  • When using  metalness you should set the reflection color to pure white
  • Finally set the metalness parameter to 1. It is a good idea to use values 0 and 1 as they are the physically correct ones. In between, values such as 0.2, 0.5 does not respond to real world materials
  • Now you can continue applying the remaining maps - connect the roughness texture to the “Glossiness” slot and under the “BRDF” rollout switch to "Use roughness". This way the texture will work correctly
  • Finally apply the normal map