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This page offers a quick starting point on saving changes made to your scene as a .vantage file for later use.

.vantage configuration file has been previously known as .vrdx configuration file. With the release of Vantage 1.0, the vrdx has been renamed to vantage.

Configuration .vantage files

Once you make changes to your scene, you can save them as a configuration .vantage file for later use.

Go to File > Save Scene As and save the .vantage file. You can save as many .vantage configuration files, as you want, with this option, provided the names do not coincide.

File > Save Scene saves a .vantage configuration file, overriding any previous configuration files with the same name and location as the currently saved one.

Go to File > Open Scene as Config Only to open the configuration .vantage files.

In this video, you can see two color correction configurations - one for autumn time exterior and another for spring time exterior; as well as comparison between the two.

LUT default presets are used for both configurations with some additional tweaks to the Filmic tonemap. Changes to the object materials and environment settings are also done in the video.

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