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This page provides information about the known limitations of Chaos Vantage.


  • Mixed GPU vendors are not supported
  • GPUs must be in WDDM mode. TCC mode is not supported.
  • Light cache is not supported in multi-GPU setup
  • Reservoir (re)sampling is not supported in multi-GPU setup


  • Maximum number of 8 unique UV channel sets are supported


  • Maximum texture resolution of 16384x16384px is supported


  • Maximum 10 layers of materials are supported per blend material
  • Clip opacity is only supported
  • Procedural textures are not supported in Opacity and Bump. Only bitmaps are supported
  • Refraction values(from a color or texture) smaller than 0.1(in the 0 - 1.0 scale) will be ignored and the material will be rendered opaque

Render elements

  • Maximum 16 Multi Matte render elements are supported
  • Negative id numbers for Multi Matte render elements are not supported


  • Procedural textures are not supported for light textures. Only bitmaps are supported


  • Only 1 dome light from .vrscene is supported. If multiple dome lights are present 1 will be picked for environment randomly
  • Non-linear gamma for environment/dome texture is not supported
  • Only bitmaps and V-Ray Sky are supported


  • Only 1 volumetric fog from .vrscene is supported. If multiple fogs are present 1 will be picked randomly


  • Objects should have unique names. Non-unique naming for objects may cause issues with transformations and visibility
  • Maximum number of 16 777 216 instances is supported

Vantage denoiser

  • Images with denoiser > 0 and denoiser=0 will be different in reflections and refractions
  • Glossy reflections on materials with refraction will be ignored and will be set to mirror reflections instead
  • After first bounce calculates only refraction and ignores reflection and diffuse values
  • Denoising refraction doesn't work well when geometry curvature is high relative to the screen area it covers
  • Ignores bump
  • Over-blurs reflections
  • Temporal lag for reflections in animations with moving camera/lights
  • Does not apply to Depth of Field
  • On first bounce ignores diffuse value and calculates either refraction or reflections making refractive objects more visible due to reflections