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This page provides information on the Live Link feature from 3ds Max in Chaos Vantage.


The Live Link feature makes it possible to instantly see changes made in 3ds Max without the need to export and import .vrscenes in Chaos Vantage.

Live Link Setup

For Live Link to function properly, please follow the steps below:


Live Link works only with officially released V-Ray 5 and later versions, or latest stable nightly builds.

1. Download and install the latest official V-Ray for 3ds Max build from the download button. Make sure you have appropriate licenses. If you experience problems, please contact Chaos Support using the online form.

The Live Link scripts are automatically installed with V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max, update 1 and later.

After installation, Live Link can be initiated in one of the following ways:

Initiate Live Link to Vantage MAX script

Use the Initiate Live Link to Vantage MAX script in 3ds Max from the Vantage toolbar. Click the Initiate a Live-Link to Chaos Vantage button and a live link session is initialized between 3ds Max and Chaos Vantage. The script automatically:

    • Detects if you are using V-Ray 5 GPU or newer as a renderer and asks if you would like to switch to it.
    • Starts Chaos Vantage if it is not already running.
    • Sends the scene to Chaos Vantage on 20701 port.

Use the Chaos Vantage Live Link Settings MAX script in 3ds Max from the Vantage toolbar to open the settings dialog.

Live Link Connection

IP Address – IP adаress that the live link connection connects to. It is read-only.

Port – Specifies the port at which the Live link connection is started.


Frame timeout – Sets а specified time in seconds between frames to ensure all data has bееn transferred.

Enable Object Render State – When enabled, uses Render states/counts/iterations/modes instead of their viewport representation. Anima 4D assets require this option to be enabled to be rendered properly. Enabling this option саn affect the interactivity of Live link updates.

The Chaos Vantage Live Link Settings MAX script is available with V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max, update 2 and later.

Always make sure you are using the same port in both 3ds Max and Chaos Vantage!


Start a GPU IPR session in 3ds Max.

In 3ds Max:

  1. Set V-Ray GPU 5 as renderer.

  2. Enable Distributed rendering in the Perf. tab.

  3. Open the Render Servers dialogue.

3.1 Open the Render Servers dialogue:

  • Server  – add your local machine as as server. Enter either localhost or
  • Port range  – specify a port range for which Chaos Vantage awaits incoming data. By default it is 20701

3.2 Disable local host to reduce resource usage.

3.3 Close the Render Servers dialogue by clicking the OK button.


In Chaos Vantage:

1. Open Chaos Vantage.

2. Open the Live Link menu and make sure Start Server is enabled (greyed out). If Start Server on Application Start is enabled, every time Chaos Vantage is launched  in stand-by mode and waits for incoming data.


3. Setup port range in Change Port.. menu and make sure the range entered here matches the one set in 3ds Max. Default is 20701.


In 3ds Max again:

Open the VFB and click the Render Max2020_VRay5_VFB_InteractiveRendering_button.png button to start IPR.

Once a Live Link session is started, the scene is transferred to Chaos Vantage and a thick blue contour line appears around the viewport and the status message in the lower right changes to [LIVE LINK]

The Pause when app loses focus option in the Preferences menu is ignored when in Live Link session.

To stop a Live Link session, either click again the Initiate a Live-Link to Chaos Vantage button or open the VFB and stop the IPR.


Supported Features

The following changes made in 3ds Max are propagated through Live Link:

  • Editing, creating and deleting of:
    • Camera
    • Geometries
    • Lights
    • Materials
    • Textures
    • Environment

Known Limitations

The following actions can be done Inside Chaos Vantage during Live Link :

  • create cameras;
  • create camera animation in the animation editor;
  • edit environment and fog
  • add post effect (LUT, Bloom, Highlight burn)
  • Render:
    • snapshots;
    • HQ still image
    • HQ sequence
  • save .vantage file with the changes from above.

The following actions cannot be done inside Chaos Vantage during Live Link:

  • transform objects;
  • hide/unhide objects;
  • reassign materials;
  • edit lights;
  • import external(including cosmos assets) files;
  • animation playback

The following requires a restart of the Live Link Session in order to be updated properly.

  • Updating of:
    • animated V-Ray Proxy files (.vrmesh)

When the Live Link Session is closed, the scene is still loaded inside Vantage but it is considered dirty and the aforementioned limitations are still in effect. A .vrscene file from the host application needs to be exported and loaded inside Chaos Vantage to enable full manipulation, editing and playback.

If a .vantage file is saved in an active Live Link session, it can be loaded in a next session or applied to a loaded .vrscene.

Using Vantage as a viewport companion

Using Vantage as a real-time reference

Using Vantage for fast rendering