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This guide shows you how to set up Live Link from Revit to Chaos Vantage. For more information about Live Link, see the Tools in Revit page.


The Live Link feature makes it possible to instantly see changes made in Revit without the need to export and import .vrscenes in Chaos Vantage.

Live Link Setup

For Live Link to function properly, please follow the steps below:

I. Installation

Live Link works only with V-Ray 5 for Revit, update 2 or later versions.

II. Initiation

After installation, Live Link can be initiated by using the Connect to Chaos Vantage in Revit. It can be accessed from ||V-Ray for Revit Ribbon|| > Render panel > Connect to Chaos Vantage from the dropdown menu.

This initializes a Live Link session between Revit and Chaos Vantage. It automatically:

  • Starts Chaos Vantage if it is not already running.
  • Sends the scene to Chaos Vantage on 20701 port.

Once a Live Link session is started, the scene is transferred to Chaos Vantage and a thick blue contour line appears around the viewport and the status message in the lower right changes to [LIVE LINK].

The Pause when app loses focus option in the Preferences menu is ignored when in Live Link session.


III. Termination

To stop a Live Link session, click the Disconnect Chaos Vantage button or open the VFB and stop the IPR.

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