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Beta Release

Date - June 26, 2020


New Features

  • Added Animation Editor (experimental)
  • Added Light grouping(instancing) on imported lights
  • Added support for V-Ray Sun and Sky models
  • Added Noise threshold option
  • Added Support for Simple(environment) light portal
  • Added support for CommonTexture and MappedTexture set of texture parameters: Crop, Place, AlphaSource, MonoChannelOutput, RGBChannelOutput, Invert, OutputAmount, Clamp, RGBOffset, RGBLevel

Modified Features

  • Improved Color Picker - interactive updates, color temperature, color presets, color range options
  • Improved UI:
    • Last snapshot render time information
    • Selecting a light focuses it in the light lister
  • Improved visual parity between Lavina and V-Ray


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