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This page provides information on what hardware and operating systems are required for Chaos Vantage to work properly.


Please make sure that your system meets the requirements listed below before installing Chaos Vantage.


System RAM should equal or exceed GPU memory (minimum 8GB RAM)

Operating system

Microsoft® Windows® 10 with Update 2004 (version 10.0.19041) or newer

LicensingVantage license with License Server 4.5.1 or newer
GPU Acceleration

DXR compatible NVIDIA® or AMD or Intel discrete GPU

Chaos Vantage can use up to 2 GPU devices.

For NVIDIA GPUs: RTX series or newer, required driver 515 or newer1 in WDDM mode, recommended driver 537.13 or newer

For AMD GPUs: RX 6000 series or newer

For Intel GPUs: Intel Arc Alchemist or newer


1 – GPU must be set to WDDM mode and not in TCC, otherwise Chaos Vantage will not detect it.

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