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This page gives an outline of how to troubleshoot and report issues with Chaos Vantage.


 All processes and events that are executing in Chaos Vantage are exported in the Debug Log.

UI Paths

||Help|| > Open Debug log


||Status bar|| > Vantage_BottomToobar_Log


Debug Log

You can see all messages and events in the Debug log. You can apply a filter string to display only the relevant messages.


Issue Reporting Guide

When reporting issues provide as much information regarding the problem as possible.

Below are listed the files and the required additional information that will be useful:

  • Steps or a video to reproduce the problem.
  • The log from the Debug log (||Help|| > Open Debug Log), located in %AppData%\Chaos Group\Vantage.
  • Vantage_########_######.dmp located in %temp% (may not exist).
  • Test scene that reproduces the problem.
  • Render settings (from Render tab and/or Render setup dialog).
  • Screenshot(s) of Vantage UI.
  • Screenshot(s) of any other UI that is appropriate for the issue.
  • Hardware and system specs of your workstation.

To report an issue or send scenes and related resources you can go to any of the following places: