This page provides information on the Active Body Axis Lock component.


This component restricts Active Bodies from moving or rotating along specified axes.

It can only act on bodies included in an Active Body Solver.




Affected Body | affected_node Specifies the geometry object that will be affected by the Axis Lock. Note that you need to select the original geometry and not the Active Body clone.

Lock Translation XYZ | lock_x, lock_y, lock_z Locks the translation of the affected body along the specified axis.

Lock Rotation XYZ | lock_x_rot, lock_y_rot, lock_z_rot Locks the rotation of the affected body around the specified axis.

Space | space Specifies the coordinate system that will be used by the Axis Lock.

World The Axis Lock will use the orientation of the World space coordinate system.

Object The Axis Lock will use the orientation of the Object space of the affected body. Note that in this mode, if the body rotates during the simulation, the orientation of the locked axes will rotate with it.


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