This section includes details on some of the additional components that are part of the Chaos Phoenix plugin for 3ds Max.


Phoenix components, also called Phoenix Nodes, may contain data, or expose settings that make it possible to modify data.

Their functionalities can range from shading particles with the Phoenix Particle Shader, to emitting fluids into a simulator grid with the Fire and Liquid Sources, to making it so geometry can be pushed around by the fluid using the Active Body Solver.

There are also components with more advanced options, such as the Voxel and Particle Tuners, which enable you to use custom logic to affect the voxel cells and particles of a Phoenix Simulation.

UI Path for all except Particle Shader: ||Create panel|| > Helpers > PhoenixFD category
UI Path for Particle Shader: UI Path: ||Create panel|| > Geometry > PhoenixFD category

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