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This page provides information on the Active Body Thruster (PhoenixThruster) component.


This component creates procedural animations inside Phoenix and moves Active Bodies with a directable engine force.

It can only act on bodies included in an Active Body Solver.


Affected Node | affected_node  Specifies the geometry object that will be affected by the Thruster force. Note that you need to select the original geometry and not the Active Body clone.

No Rotation | no_torque Prevents the affected body from rotating due the Thruster force.

Attached to Body | attach When enabled the Thruster force will act as attached to the body - the application point and direction of the force will move and rotate with body during the simulation. If it is disabled, the Thruster force will be applied only from the location and direction of the helper node.

Magnitude | magnitude The amount of force to be applied to the body, measured in scene units/sec^2.

Initial Velocity | initvel, initvel_mag The initial velocity for the affected body, measured in scene units/sec.