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This page provides information on the Download Cosmos Assets tool in V-Ray for Cinema 4D.


The Download Cosmos Assets tool allows all cosmos assets that are lost or missing to be relocated or downloaded from the Chaos Cosmos Browser. This is useful when opening a scene that is designed on another machine, or if the scene has been moved to a different directory. If assets are relocated, this tool locates them and relinks them to the scene. If assets are missing, this tool downloads them from the Chaos Cosmos Browser and adds them in the scene.

UI Path: V-Ray menu > Tools > Download Cosmos Assets


If any Cosmos assets are misplaced or missing from the scene, they appear in the Objects tab with this icon - . When this happens, follow these steps to recover them:

  1. Go to V-Ray > Tools and click on the Download Cosmos Assets button.

  2. A dialogue window pops up, asking for permission to download. Click Yes.

  3. When the process is complete, V-Ray displays a window with information about how many assets are downloaded and how many are relinked. You can now continue working on your scene.