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This page provides information on the Multi Matte Render Element, which creates red, green, and blue selection masks based on an object's Object ID or Material ID.


With the Multi matte Render Element, only three colors are possible: red, green, and blue. In comparison, other matte render elements can include many colors to represent each material or object in a scene with a different color. With Multi Мatte, a single R, G, or B channel can be used directly as a matte, eliminating the step of selecting the color in the compositing software. This ease of use makes Multi Мatte a popular choice for compositors.

The Multi Мatte Render Element includes anti-aliasing.

To represent all the objects or materials in a scene with just the available red, green, and blue colors, several Multi Мatte Render Elements can be generated for a single rendering, each with different Material ID or Object ID settings.

UI Path: ||V-Ray|| > Render Elements > Multi Matte ID

How to add a render element to a scene


Mask Type – Specifies how the mask is generated:

Separate Channels – Considers all three Red, Green, and Blue Ids.
– Creates a mask only for the objects with the specified Id.

Enable Deep Output – Includes this render element in deep images.

Id – When Mask Type is set to White, you can specify the id of the object to be masked.

Red/Green/Blue Id – When Mask Type is set to Separate Channels, these parameters set the ID used for the respective channel.

ID Source – Specifies how the Red/Green/Blue Ids are read.

Object ID – Multimatte considers the Red object ID, Green object ID, and Blue object ID values to be the Object ID and renders the R, G, and B channels accordingly.
Multimatte ID
– The Red, Green, and Blue Ids are considered as the Material ID.

Affect Matte Objects – Determines whether to include matte objects when generating the render element.

Consider for Aa – When enabled, anti-aliasing is used where possible.

Mode – Selects whether to include or exclude the specified objects in the list.

Exclude Red/Green/Blue Channel Objects – Creates a list of objects/materials excluded from the respective channel.
Include Red/Green/Blue Channel Objects – When enabled, considers the Exclude List Red/Green/Blue as an inclusive set. All objects/materials not mentioned in the list are not rendered with this render element.

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