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Build 6.00.03

Official release, hotfix 2

Date - Dec 21, 2022

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Modified features

V-Ray, Render Elements

  • Improve the user interface of the MultiMatte render element


Bug fixes

Chaos Cloud, V-Ray

  • VFB animation outputs different number of frames when having custom framerate


  • V-Ray MultiSubTex node doesn't work in Cinema4D S22 and R23
  • Error message when creating V-Ray Node Blend material
  • Orthogonal cameras do not work with V-Ray GPU interactive in Cinema4D
  • Improve responsiveness for multithreaded CPUs

Build 6.00.02

Official release, hotfix 1

Date – Dec 08, 2022

Modified features


  • Expose TriPlanar reference object parameter
  • Add support for importing TexEdges shaders
  • Support Max procedural textures that are being used in Cosmos in Cinema4D
  • Import flakes material from Cosmos library
  • Viewport editor preview for V-Ray Decal
  • Import Decals from the Chaos Cosmos library
  • Add "Fit aspect ratio" buttons in V-Ray Decal
  • V-Ray Fur for Cinema 4D should have Enable/Disable Checker
  • Support for Isometric Camera

V-Ray Interactive

  • Read material max depth override settings


  • Support for Affect All Channels
  • Implement auto bump mapping for smoothed and displaced meshes


Bug fixes


  • Standard instances of deforming geometry do not update in animation
  • Animated instances and particles may not update in animation
  • LightMix Back-To-Scene does not work with MeshLight
  • Save Project with Assets doesn't save the Cosmos Asset vrmeshes from the scene
  • Importing a 2-sided material from Cosmos results in duplicated materials
  • Interactive renderer crashes with decal while deleting assigned material
  • Making changes to a Cinema 4D standard material or light causes 5 to 10 second freeze during Interactive Rendering
  • Materials for the recently added Cosmos assets are imported incorrectly
  • Import VRayCarPaint2 materials from the Cosmos library
  • Spherical camera selected with Stage may not consider Phycal camera tag
  • Stage animation of cameras lost in Vantage
  • V-Ray proxies lose their assigned material after the scene is saved with all assets
  • Use "Camera focus distance" option from Overrides settings does not affect the render
  • Low CPU utilization with Intel Alder Lake CPUs on Windows 11

V-Ray, Interactive

  • Crash when tweaking lights during interactive rendering and LightMix enabled


  • Fix broken Samples limit value when opening scenes saved with V-Ray 6
  • Light Cache crash with a specific scene


  • The V-Ray scene converter doesn't convert a specific scene in V-Ray 6
  • Scene conversion dialog isn't displayed on scene open with Cinema 4D S26


  • Longer render and load time with Alembic compared to Vrmesh
  • Compile geometry is slow when there are 735 proxy files referencing the same vrmesh file



Build 6.00.01

Official release

Date - Sep 28, 2022


New Features



  • Support for ACEScg

  • Implement V-Ray Decal

  • Implement V-Ray Enmesh

  • Implement V-Ray Mesh Light

  • Procedural clouds for V-Ray Sun and Sky

  • Finite Dome and ground projection for the V-Ray Dome light

  • Add Thin Film layer to V-Ray Material

  • Implement V-Ray MultiSubTex for Node materials

  • Conversion from Standard and Classic V-Ray materials to V-Ray Node materials

  • Add V-Ray Shadow Catcher command in the V-Ray menu

  • Add TexParticleSampler shader

  • Implement V-Ray SoftBox node and shader

  • Add support for Cinema 4D Team Render

  • Support for rendering Particles and X-Particles in Cinema 4D

  • Implement Hair and Fur sampler for strand variations

  • Support for calculating Light Cache with the Interactive renderer

  • Calculate Light Cache on the GPU device for the V-Ray GPU engine

  • Support for Cinema 4D 2023

  • Add support for TexOCIO plugin

  • Implement Texture Baking

  • Toolbar for V-Ray for Cinema 4D

  • Add SamplerInfo shader and node

V-Ray, Interactive

  • Implement Object, Material and Focus picker inside the V-Ray Frame Buffer


Modified Features


  • Support for the "Render Perfect" option for the Cinema 4D Sphere
  • Add option to respect displaced surfaces in TexTriPlanar
  • Add the affect alpha option to Volumetric objects

  • Rework the Object Properties icon to support displaying more than 9 ObjectID numbers

  • Automatically flip coordinate system handedness for vrscenes exported from a host app with different coordinate system

  • Replace min and max subdivs with samples limit for V-Ray GPU
  • Remove trace and GI depth from interactive tab
  • Intermediate render output should have final color corrections
  • Material preview quality improvements
  • Add support of include/exclude lists for reflection and refraction in object properties
  • Add ID input texture to MultiSubTex
  • Convert DropDown menus to QuickTab Buttons for some parameters
  • Ability to add the current selection as input objects when creating V-Ray Fur or V-Ray Enmesh
  • Ability to denoise the Alpha channel with the V-Ray Denoiser
  • Temporal denoise mode for NVidia AI Denoiser
  • Rename the "Use Mtl Id" to "Use Multimatte ID" checkboxes
  • Create scene importer for scanned materials

V-Ray, VRayProxy

  • Add support for multi sub tex plugins from Cosmos Assets


  • Change coat and sheen glossiness name to roughness when "use roughness" is enabled


  • Improve the viewport locator for the V-Ray Sun to display the sun vector


  • Autovoxelize dynamic geometry in V-Ray GPU

V-Ray GPU, VRayTextures, Displacement and Subdivision

  • Implement auto bump mapping for smoothed and displaced meshes


  • Shader set generation option in proxy export


  • Enable Probabilistic Volumetrics by default for new scenes


Bug Fixes


  • Object leftovers between frames in animation

  • V-Ray clipper doesn't work for more than 1 frame in animation in mesh mode

  • Diffuse artifacts with anisotropic reflections and sheen or diffuse roughness

  • Reflections computed in fully diffuse VRayMtl materials

  • Issues with Anti-aliasing when using VRayCryptomatte mask on objects with multiple materials

  • Missing values in exported vrscenes

  • Imported Sphere and Rectangle Lights have wrong intensity

  • Cosmos browser asks for cookies on each process restart

  • Scanned material should be able to work with relative paths

  • Change the step size for the "Multiplier" and "Burn Value" in Color Mapping

  • Cinema 4D crashes in Interactive Rendering with Subdivision and Fur

  • Crash when V-Ray Fur is a hierarchy added to object

  • Darker Buckets appear on M1 Mac Machines with Adaptive lights

  • Crash when adding modifiers to geometry with Fur in Interactive

  • Identical meshes with different polygon selection names export the same geometry

  • Changing the V-Ray physical camera focus distance from the Cinema 4D focus picker doesn't work

  • Material link parameters can't be cleared in interactive rendering

  • Implicit focus distance may result in inverted camera render

V-Ray, Render Elements

  • Add input options for Material Select RE


  • V-Ray Sun disk is not rendered with V-Ray GPU

  • Instanced textured V-Ray lights don't share loaded textures

  • Clipped light geometry when 'Clip lights geometry' option is disabled and non-light geometry is in front of lights

  • Wrong fog color alpha results when refraction set to affect all channels

  • The alpha of a transparent VRayMaterial is not working correctly

  • Some threads never finish with "Low GPU thread priority" set to 1

  • Wrong V-Ray Clipper material on clipped V-Ray Light objects when set to Use object material