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This page provides information about the Clipper tool in V-Ray for Cinema 4D.



VRayClipper is a geometric primitive that can be used to clip away parts of the scene with a defined geometry or a simple plane. It is a render-time effect and does not modify the actual scene geometry in any way.

The images at right show geometry before and after being clipped with VRayClipper.

UI Path: V-Ray menu > Geometry > V-Ray Clipper



EnabledTurns the clipper effect on and off.

Affect LightEnables the clipper to also affect area light sources.

Clip Lights GeometryEnables the clipping of lights geometry (for example a mesh light).

Only Camera RaysThe clipper affects objects as they are directly seen by the camera, but they appear unchanged to reflection/refraction/GI rays.

Fill Inner Cavities – When enabled, shades the clipped part of the object with the clipper object's shader.

Use Object Material – When enabled, the clipper uses the material of each clipped object to fill in the resulting holes. When disabled, the material applied to the clipper object itself is used.

Mode – Specifies how Objects list items are clipped. You can include or exclude an object(s) from the clipper effect.

Objects – Specifies a list of objects that are affected by the clipper.

Mesh Operation – Determines how to use the mesh when a geometry is selected as a clipper:

Intersection – Clips away anything that is outside the specified mesh; only renders objects and parts of objects inside the specified mesh;
Subtraction (scene-mesh) – Clips away anything inside the specified mesh; only renders objects and parts of objects outside of the specified mesh.