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This page provides information about the Mix texture in V-Ray for Cinema 4D. 


The Mix map is used to blend between two colors or textures. 

UI Path: Texture > V-Ray VRayMix


Color 1/ Color 2 – Specifies the first and second color or texture map to be mixed. Each Color parameter can be specified by a solid color or a Texture. You can toggle the blend between the texture and the color using the Mix Strength option.

Mix Amount – Controls how much the two colors/textures mix. The default value of 0.5 mixes them equally. Lower value puts weight on Color 1, while a higher value make Color 2 more prominent.

Mix Map – A texture map can be used instead of the Mix Amount parameter.

Transition Upper/ Lower – When a curve is used to mix the two colors, the Transition parameters specify upper and lower float limits for the curve.

Use Curve – When enabled, a curve is used to sharpen or smooth the mix between the two colors/textures. Use Curve is useful in combination with the Mix Map parameter.

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