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This page provides information about the V-Ray Renderable Spline tag in Cinema 4D.



The Renderable Spline tag allows V-Ray to render splines. Splines can also be assigned with texture maps.

A temporary limitation is that only the U size is renderable.

Splines with a Renerable Spline tag are visible in the following render channels: Light, Raw Light, Total Light, Raw Total Light, Normal Map and Bump Normal Map. 

Splines with a Renderable Spline tag are rendered as thin-walled objects. 



UI Path: (Object Selected) Objects tab > Tags V-Ray Tags > Renderable Spline


 UI Paths: (Object Selected) Objects tab > right-click on object > V-Ray Tags > Renderable Spline


Starting with Cinema 4D 2023.1, the Renderable Spline tag resides in Extensions > V-Ray tags


Common Properties

Render – Enables V-Ray to render of the spline.

Width Multiplier – Specifies the width of the spline in centimeters.

Width Mode – Specifies how the width of the spline is defined:

Linear – Introduces a linear (constant) value along the whole spline.
Spline – Introduces a width based on a curve, allowing different widths between different points of the spline.

You can create a new curve point using Ctrl + Left-click or by using a curve preset.

Start Width/ End Width – Splines in Cinema 4D do not have thickness. These parameters must be used to specify the start/end width of the spline.

Lock End Width – When enabled, Start Width controls the constant thickness along the spline.


Width Mode Linear

Width Mode Spline with preset loaded




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