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This page provides information about the V-Ray UVW Channel texture in V-Ray for Cinema 4D.



The UVW Channel texture is used combined with a Bitmap node and specifies which UV channel of the loaded texture is read.


UI Path: Texture > V-Ray > VRayUVWChannel






Texture – Specifies the texture map.

UVW Channel – Selects the UVW mapping channel of the connected Bitmap texture. Note that the first possible index of the UVW Channel is -1.

Motion Blur Samples – Specifies the number of motion blur samples when used with animated texture.




Wrap U/ Wrap V/ Wrap W – Wraps the map on its U/V/W direction according to one of the following ways:

None – It is rendered as is.
Tile – Tiles the map.
Mirror – Tiles the map in a mirror pattern.

Crop U/ Crop V/ Crop W – Crops the map on its U/V/W direction.

Wrap Mode – Specifies how to wrap the map:

On 0.5 Boundary
On Integer Boundary

Coverage – Determines how much of the texture frame covers the surface. The default values - 1, 1, 1, cover the entire surface. Reduce or increase these values to enlarge or shrink the texture frame. The values correspond to the X, Y and Z axes respectively. Changing these values non-uniformly stretches the texture.


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