This page provides information on using the V-Ray Frame Buffer to access the render elements of jobs rendered in Chaos Cloud. 


V-Ray Frame Buffer can be used to load images with their render elements, rendered on Chaos Cloud. The only two image formats that store render elements are .vrimg and .exr. If you want to access render elements of jobs rendered in Chaos Cloud, make sure you have chosen one of the two formats as the image output type within the settings of your host 3D platform.


Accessing Render Elements with the VFB

To access the render elements used in a .vrimg or .exr image rendered on Chaos Cloud, you need to open the VFB and load the image you downloaded from Chaos Cloud rendering using the Load image () option from the File menu. Once the image has loaded, you can use the drop-down menu on the uppermost left-hand side to scroll through all available render elements in your scene.



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