Table of Contents

Build 3.10.03

Official release

Date – January 12, 2015

Download – Build 3.10.01


Modified Features


  • Added support for VertexColor texture

  • Basic support for rendering VRayDirt texmap


  • Added support for MaxScript vector color source


  • Force first map channel option disabled by default

.vrmesh viewer

  • Added a slider controlling the point size of particles

  • Enabled OpenGL point smoothing only when the point size is greater than 1.0

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed 3ds Max 2015 with Extension 2 crash on remote DR hosts

  • Fixed hairs smooth normals rendering with V-Ray Standalone

  • Fixed MaxScript VFB functions not working when V-Ray RT set as production renderer

V-Ray RT

  • Added export of GI ambient occlusion parameters

  • Fixed export of "sample lookup" Irradiance Map parameter

  • Fixed not exporting the default geometry type for objects with type set to Default in the V-Ray object properties

  • Fixed crash when disc light has VRayColor for texture

  • Fixed issue with multiple disc lights with different colors rendering only the color of the first light


  • Fixed crash when UVW coordinates are invalid

  • Fixed crash with refractive overlapping faces

  • Fixed Light Cache loading on DR hosts


  • Apply color corrections even when rendering to file

  • Fixed crash caused by NaN output values with Curve color correction

  • Fixed wrong time stamp when loading images from history


  • Fixed artifacts near the edges of intersection surfaces


  • Fixed "Match Bitmap Size as Closely as Possible" 3ds Max option to work for VRayHDRI with Legacy Direct3D driver

  • Fixed viewport preview not working for map channels differing from 1


  • Fixed crash with displacement when no vertex normals are present


  • Fixed conversion from Alembic particles, that was causing crash during rendering


Build 3.10.02

Official release

Date – December 15, 2014

Download – Build 3.10.02

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed random crashes due to Windows messages processing, happening mostly with 3ds Max 2012, but not only

  • Fixed wrong rendering of dynamic geometry with opacity using Embree

  • Work around Royal Renderer's renderer window handling


  • Fixed crash with scenes with many plugin instanced objects

  • Fixed crash when rendering as production renderer with Max.vray UI preset is selected

  • Fixed random crash in CUDA engine

  • Fixed random hang during "Starting RT render server..." phase

  • Redirected log messages to appear in the Message Log window for production renderer


  • Fixed rendering hanging at Light Cache pass when using SSS2 on CUDA CPU


  • Fixed darkening in corners when using the light cache with "retrace" option

  • Fixed not reflecting highlight glossiness


  • Fixed crash when the source object(s) do not have any materials applied

VRayMtl / VRayLight

  • Fixed crash on 3ds Max 2012 and older when showing the DMC samples


  • Bitmap aperture was producing black renders


  • Fixed license checkout fail in DR mode

  • Fixed memory leak when no input file was provided


  • Fixed help text for "-password" option


Build 3.10.01

Official release

Date – November, 2014

Download – Build 3.10.01

New Features


  • Further optimizations for render speed
  • Added "GI filter multiplier" option to the Global switches rollout to control texture filtering for GI rays for VRayHDRI

  • Embree can now accelerate hair rendering for Ornatrix and HairFarm

  • Secondary matte environment background slot to control the appearance of matte objects in reflections/refractions

  • When created, V-Ray will automatically load a preset named "default" if there is one (allows for customized default values)

V-Ray RT

  • Added support for the Mask texture map

  • Support for Carbon Scatter

  • Support for the V-Ray VFB for ActiveShade session


  • Support for the VRayClipper object

  • Support for Ornatrix and HairFarm rendering


  • Support for using the light cache for GPU rendering

  • Support for coherent tracing (may improve rendering performance)


  • Support for the NVIDIA Maxwell GPU architecture

  • Support for the VRayFastSSS2 material

  • Initial support for hair rendering for Ornatrix and HairFarm

  • On-the-fly recompilation of the GPU kernel to include only features used by the particular scene


  • Ability to dock/undock History window and Color Corrections window to the main VFB window

  • Added highlight burn color correction to the VFB

  • Added "background image" color correction to the VFB

  • Added white balance color correction

  • Added the ability to save multi-channel .vrimg and OpenEXR files from the VFB UI

  • Added the ability to load arbitrary file formats in the V-Ray VFB for post-processing


  • Implement a new geometric plugin for instancing objects on a ParticleFlow and other particle systems


  • Added image preview in the file open dialog

  • Added controls to specify UDIM/UVTILE tiles for the preview in material editor

  • Added support for elliptical texture filtering


  • Greatly improved calculations
  • Ability to use the light cache


  • Support rendering of scanned real-world BRDF materials


  • Support for hair and particle instances

  • Support for subdivision objects in Alembic files using OpenSubdiv


  • Disc light shape added

VRayLight, VRayIES, VRaySun

  • Added parameters to control the diffuse and specular contributions separately

VRayLightSelect Render Element

  • Added "mode" parameter to allow extracting the full/raw/diffuse/specular contribution of specific lights


  • Added GGX BRDF model

  • Added clip opacity mode option for faster rendering of trees, etc.


  • Extended with new randomized modes for choosing colors

VRayVelocity Render Element

  • Added include/exclude list


  • Added export options to export specified frames to separate files

  • Added Alembic frame offset output to the files

  • Added option to merge two or more .vrmesh files into one


  • Added -multiPart option to vrimg2exr that produces an OpenEXR 2 file with each render element in its own "part"


  • Update to Embree 2.3

  • Proxies and instances can now be accelerated by Embree

 miscellaneous features

  • Updated to OpenEXR 2.2.0 and added new DWA compression options to VRayOptionsRe

  • Support for point cloud rendering in 3ds Max 2015

  • Built-in DMC samples calculator for VRayLight, VRayMtl and brute force GI

Modified Features


  • Added an option to open the V-Ray messages window on error or warning only

  • Added by Object IDs selection method for Render mask

  • Added MaxScript access to the Trace sets include/exclude flag

  • Added %numPasses and %numSubdivs stamp keywords

  • "Camera Motion Blur" is controlled independently on "Motion Blur" setting

  • Embree enabled by default

  • Improved render speed when not using any render elements

  • Light cache "Use for glossy rays" option is enabled by default

  • Optimized hair rendering in general

  • Reduced memory usage for hair and particles

  • Renamed the "Time independent" option to "Lock noise pattern" in the DMC sampler rollout

  • The default GI methods are set to Brute force/Light cache

  • The default image sampler set to Progressive

  • The image sampler parameters rollout is unfolded by default

  • VFB is cleared always when doing network rendering with render mask

V-Ray RT

  • Added support for animated rotation of VRayHDRI

  • Added support for the 3ds Max default lights in production mode

  • Added support for VRayHairInfoTex

  • Added support for VRayLensEffects object selection (Intensity, Object ID and Material ID)

  • Adjust the width of the ActiveShade renderer UI to match the standard width of the production renderer

  • Clear the VFB when the camera is moved

  • Frameless progressive and RT rendering, which provides for earlier preview passes

  • Implemented export of the Area AA filter settings to .vrscene files

  • Improved refresh speed

  • Properly show statistics with region renders

  • Removed the Show Mask option from the user interface, the mask is written in VRaySampleRate render element for the progressive sampler

  • Remove ActiveShade related settings from the UI when used as production renderer

  • When V-Ray RT is used as a production renderer, hide unused render settings


  • Added support for Crop/Place parameters of the Bitmap texture

  • Added support for the Flip Red/Green options of the standard Normal Bump texmap

  • Added support for the Visibility parameter in the 3ds Max Object properties

  • CUDA driver API errors are replaced with more meaningful error messages


  • Improved anaglyph stereoscopic preview to reduce retinal rivalry

  • Improved initialization speed of the History window when there are a lot of images in the history

  • The vfbControl MaxScript function returns values for the commands that have states

  • Made the History window compliant with the 3ds Max color theme


  • Added ability to filter the translucency effect through the diffuse color of the front-facing side


  • More robust and faster algorithm is used


  • Added "double sided" option

  • The distribution parameter can now take negative values for more defined edges


  • Added opacity texture slot

VRayHairFarmMod & VRayOrnatrixMod

  • Faster rendering of hair


  • Added MaxScript access to "coords" parameters


  • Added the ability to display the light name in the viewport

  • Somewhat faster sampling of rectangle lights


  • Multiple layers of glass rendered with noise


  • Improved shader cache logic, now the compiled shaders reside entirely in a memory buffer

  • Removed dependency of shader name on the shader file name


  • Export texture coordinates for .vrmesh preview, if preview mesh is specified

  • Same proxies are automatically instantiated

  • Show proxy color set names in Vertex Color texture "Channel Name" list

  • Show the extra color channels from Alembic files in the "Channel Name" drop-down of Vertex Color maps applied to the proxy object

  • Support for Material ID channel when rendering with point clouds


  • Made the U, V, W Area shadow sizes animatable in the VRayShadows params rollout

.vrscene exporter

  • Added combo box to select between Scene Animation/Frame range, the latter remembers the start/end values

Bug Fixes


  • DR hosts saved in scene were appended to the hosts list and used for consequent renderers

  • Fixed Embree crash on AMD machines

  • Fixed Embree crashes with specific scenes

  • Fixed incorrect rendering of 3ds Max Populate with motion blur with Embree

  • Fixed a crash when rendering a scene with ParticleFlow that is not generating geometry

  • Fixed a crash with VRayFur density map when rendering with V-Ray RT or Standalone

  • Fixed imageSampler_renderMask_texmap MaxScript property name

  • Fixed issue where VRayMtl's "Affect all channels" affects matte surfaces visible through refractive objects

  • Fixed light leaks when rendering bump mapping on surfaces that face away from the light

  • Fixed Render mask with Light Cache as secondary GI engine, causes darker final result

  • Fixed rendering wrong object when render selection mask is used with object that has Renderable property disabled

  • Fixed tiled EXR clipping to half-float precision

  • Fixed wrong error message "error: Auto-backup is enabled at file..." appearing when license is not found

  • Fixed wrong Irradiance Map buckets appearing from the DR render hosts

  • MaxScript V-Ray ".imageSampler_normal_threshold" parameter's name was ".imageSamper_normal_threshold"

  • Removed artifacts caused by overlapping geometry with disable Visible To Camera option for hairs

  • Strand index was not returned to shaders (e.g. Ox Hair)

V-Ray RT

  • Adaptive image sampling based on the Noise threshold did not work correctly

  • Added support for the color mode parameter

  • Camera movement was not updated if motion blur Duration was smaller than 1.0

  • Fixed no motion blur when the rendered frame is the last of the range and the keyframe is beyond the range

  • Fixed progress window update

  • Fixed rendering of scenes containing objects with many primitives and many texture mapping channels at the same time

  • Fixed updating of GI depth parameter

  • Fixed wrong camera field of view with network rendering

  • Hair is rendered with preview counts even when using V-Ray RT as production renderer

  • Rendering was not finished when Don't render (just export) option was enabled

  • The "Scatter coeff" and "Fwd/bck coeff" parameters of VRayMtl are swapped

  • The "Min shading rate" parameter was not exported to .vrscene files

  • VRayFur was exported with wrong coordinates instead of the Source object's

  • VRayHairMtl was not listed with compatible materials in the material editor

  • VRaySun was replaced by another object, when linked to it

  • When "dynamic tesselation" was turned on, the hairs UVs were lost

  • When V-Ray RT was used as a production renderer, output images were saved without alpha channel


  • CUDA engine could not render VRayFlakesMtl unless VRayCarPaintMtl is was present in the scene

  • Did not fully utilize the GPU after certain noise level was reached

  • Direct light render elements were rendering black if GI depth was 0

  • Falloff texture was rendering wrong (greenish)

  • Fixed crash with V-Ray RT GPU on scenes with more than 100 lights

  • Fixed crash with Normal map assigned to Mix map that is assigned to Bump map slot

  • Fixed crash with VRayOSLMtl

  • Fixed handling of environment override maps intensity multipliers

  • Fixed inverted bump effect when using bitmap in VRayNormalMap

  • Fixed memory leak

  • Fixed Fresnel texmap shading

  • Fixed render server crash when changing materials of VRayProxy

  • Fixed some render elements cause others data shift in the wrong channel

  • Global illumination BF/LC setup was rendering differently than on the CPU

  • Multi/Sub-Object material was not wrapping the IDs for static meshes

  • VRayMtls bump multiplier was not working with VRayNormalMap

Progressive sampler

  • Adaptive image sampling based on the Noise threshold did not work correctly

  • Progressive sampler: Fixed crash with region rendering and sample rate render element

  • Progressive sampler: Switch to sRGB color mapping for AA, leading to faster sampling


  • X-Ref scenes were not transferred with DR option "Transfer missing assets"


  • Edit boxes accept values without pressing enter

  • Fixed crash with Lens effects and active link to PDPlayer when an update occurs

  • Fixed lag when clicking between the VFB and other 3ds Max windows

V-Ray mesh exporter

  • Fixed crash when exporting point clouds with "lowest level point size" < 1.0

  • Particle systems were not exported with the "Export all selected objects in a single file" option

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Button were not working after 3ds Max Custom UI Layout load/reset

V-Ray Bitmap to V-RayHDRI converter

  • Fixed error when converting bitmaps to tiled EXR

V-Ray Light Lister

  • Fixed an issue with light temperature, not handling very low values


  • Fixed calculation errors causing NAN results

  • Fixed crash with particular scenes


  • The clipper showed up with ambient occlusion

  • The clipper affected objects from its exclude list even when it is hidden

  • There is ambiguous situation with instancing, rendering the last copy only


  • Color swatch and gamma were not displayed as Additional Params in the slate Material Editor


  • Fixed crash when rendering the object has Dent texmap for displacement


  • Fixed fur placement on "Selected faces" for 3ds Max 2014/2015


  • EXR textures are always loaded as 32-bit floating point

  • Fixed crash with IFL input when saving in a material library

  • Fixed Crop/Place not working

  • Fixed overbright pixels occurring with specific texture values

  • The texture cache size for tiled textures in VRayHDRI did not work correctly for values over 2 GB


  • Fixed incorrect rendering of Dome lights with scaling, they should not take it into account


  • Fixed Self-illumination multiplier value not taken into account


  • Fixed crash when used as environment texture


  • Tilt/Shift parameters were not reflected in the viewport when loading a scene


  • Cannot select in the viewport if there is a recorded preview mesh that falls outside the render-mesh bounding box

  • Fixed crash when opening a scene containing a proxy created from an empty group

  • Fixed incorrect UVW coordinates with point clouds

  • The Alembic subdivision parameters were the same for all proxies


  • Fixed textured scatter radiuses not taken into account


  • Alpha channel was created even if there was not such in the input image

  • Fixed wrong pixel aspect in the output image

miscellaneous fixes

  • Crashes with building the SD tree in specific scene

  • Render mask was not exported to .vrscene files

  • Fixed incorrect depth with camera motion blur for deep image output

  • Fixed 3ds Max crashes when pressing the "Last VFB" button with V-Ray RT set as Production renderer

  • Fixed a crash with "Render to fields" enabled on 3ds Max 2012

  • Fixed unhandled exception error when rendering geometry imported from Revit

  • Fixed render crash with ProBoolean scene geometry

  • Fixed slow SD tree build on many-core machines