Table of Contents

Build 3.20.03

Official release

Date – July 10, 2015

Download – Build 3.20.03


Modified Features


  • Faster rendering of dynamic meshes, instances and VRayProxy objects


  • Deleting an image from the VFB history now sends it to the Recycle Bin


  • Optimized calculations when "inside separate" and "outside separate" options are both disabled


  • Enabled deleting of all but the last point in diagram and gradient controls

  • Enabled markers in gradient controls to be moved across their neighbors

Bug Fixes


  • Render settings dialog progressively opened slower and could lead to a crash

  • 3ds Max froze when selecting the "Cache limit type" option in the DR settings dialog

  • Fixed black images with texture baking and image auto-save

  • Fixed crashes with Embree hair in specific situations

  • Fixed stuck bucket with Embree in specific scene

  • Removed artifacts with "cached normals" on displaced objects with "subdivision" method

  • Single channel .exr files were not loaded as grayscale

  • The thumbnail preview render for exposure control plugins didn't work correctly with the V-Ray VFB enabled

  • VFB+ tool windows are inactive when rendering with V-Ray

V-Ray RT

  • RT export slowed down when exporting a lot of frames for animation

  • Objects with VRayDisplacement modifier were not rendered when VRayVelocity RE was present

  • Rendering randomly stopped during animation sequences

  • Distortion type and custom attributes of the Physical Camera for 3ds Max 2016 were not translated

  • VRayFur was not motion blurred with the geometry it was assigned to unless its gizmo had some animation too

  • BerconNoise texture UVW coordinates were not exported when distortion was disabled


  • Wrong interpolation of the light cache could cause increased flickering in animations

  • Vertex Color texture inside a Composite texture didn't render properly

  • Fixed crash when render animation sequence with Light cache and XMesh

  • Fixed wrong render of textured rectangle lights in some situations

  • Flakes for car paint material rendered with wrong normals

  • Texture baking could produce incorrect results after a regular render

  • Displaced geometry was not included in the light cache

  • Objects with camera visibility OFF did not cast shadows

  • Fixed sub-optimal rendering of motion blurred displaced meshes


  • Fixed driver crash with hair and light cache

  • VRayHairInfoTex with mode Random by strand index produced solid color


  • Loading V-Ray settings from the history sometimes did not refresh the Render Setup UI properly

  • Fixed crash when the V-Ray VFB resolution was different from the 3ds Max and there were G-Buffer channels


  • Fixed render was freezing with static subdivision and tiled textures when the displacement map was missing

  • Fixed artifacts appearing with "cached normals" on displaced objects with "subdivision" method


  • Fixed physical camera shifted view when rendering with distortion map


  • Rendering with direct illumination enabled unhidden lights in the viewports


  • Ox Hair from Mesh Strips didn't respect Ox render settings and always rendered with defaults


  • Fixed crashes on Windows 8.1


  • HairFarm hair did not respect light include/exclude lists


  • Inconsistent rendering results with texture mapped materials applied to VRayFur


  • Too dark sun light in the 3ds Max viewports when using Physical Camera exposure control in 3ds Max 2016


  • Fixed UI flickering when enabling the Auto Range option

Hair & Fur

  • Fixed crash during light cache calculation


Build 3.20.02

Official release

Date – June 1, 2015

Download – Build 3.20.02

New Features


  • Added Cubic 6x1 camera type


  • Added support for the Cubic 6x1 cameras

Modified Features


  • Added support for texture baking with dynamic and displaced geometry


  • Added #savemultiimage keyword to the vfbControl() MaxScript function that saves all channels into a single multi channel (.exr or .vrimg) file

V-Ray Quick Settings

  • Light cache's Retrace parameter is now controlled by the GI Quality slider

Bug Fixes

V-Ray RT

  • Animated parameters of standard 3ds Max lights were not exported to .vrscene files

  • Fixed animated displacement export when rendering ActiveShade

  • Fixed crash when a VRayLight has VRayCompTex with no texmap assigned to Source B

  • Fixed crash when there is Hair Farm Renderer atmospheric effect present


  • Work around an issue with the NVIDIA driver versions 352.86 and 353.06


  • Fixed crash when assigned as a mask to a Composite texture


  • Fixed a crash when browsing for simulation caches and previously the path has been set to a password protected server location


Build 3.20.01

Official release

Date – May 25, 2015

Download – Build 3.20.01


New Features


  • The DR servers list is re-read whenever the vray_dr.cfg file is modified during rendering
  • Added button to open the V-Ray messages log window
  • Added camera object properties to control the number of transformation samples for camera motion blur
  • Added support for 3ds Max 2016, including the new Physical Camera and Physical Camera Exposure Control
  • MaxScript parameter to control the DMC random seed
  • The V-Ray object properties allow to specify a given map channel as velocity channel (useful with some Alembic importers)
  • Provided tooltip descriptions for most of the renderer settings


  • Support for VRayEnvironmentFog;
  • Added support for Composite map rendering
  • Added support for displacement
  • Added support for VRayMtl anisotropy
  • Added UDIM tag support
  • Implemented QMC sampling for CUDA engine
  • Initial support for texture baking
  • Support for spherical panorama cameras


  • Added support for rendering of fluid simulation data (Phoenix FD, Field3D and OpenVDB)


  • Added better methods for generating viewport preview meshes based on mesh simplification

  • Added Show whole mesh viewport display option
  • Support for exporting the VRayInstancer as a .vrmesh file preserving the instancing


  • Support for stereo spherical/cylindrical panorama cameras


  • Added ability to load the render settings for an image from the history window
  • Can be zoomed in/out with the regular +/-/* keys (useful for remote access from mobile devices)


  • A new texture similar to VRayDirt (useful for detecting mesh curvature)


  • Faster rendering (can now be accelerated by Embree)


  • Added ability to override node and V-Ray object properties of the source objects
  • Added parameters to control the random seed, render percentage
  •  Added an experimental option for multithreaded instance generation (only for the V-Ray portion of the code)


  • Added a line that shows the orientation of the dome lights in the viewport, it also shows the center of VRayHDRI wrapping


  • Added support for vray_subsurface() closure
  • Added support for vray_hair() closure
  • Support for drop-down controls


  • Added support for loading PNG grayscale with alpha images

Hair & Fur

  • Faster rendering; can now be accelerated by Embree

Texture Baking

  • Additional bake elements for render to texture: VRayMtlReflectIORBake and VRayReflectionFilterMap

V-Ray Scene Converter

  • Added initial implementation of conversion of Corona materials and lights


  • Support for conversion of particles from .geo and .bgeo files


  • assign separate DR nodes to different processor groups

Modified Features


  • Reduced light cache leaks through a new parameter "Leak prevention"

  • New default settings for the light cache

  • The GI subdivs multiplier in the V-Ray object properties has been renamed to "Subdivs multiplier" and affects all shading samples for the particular object

  • The render mask can work with transparent and not Visible to Camera objects along the ray paths

  • The render mask on selected objects is intersected by VRayLights

  • Setting the Global subdivs multiplier to 0.0 does not affect the irradiance map and other reflection/refraction interpolation maps

  • Added UI view switcher to the Global DMC sampler rollout

  • Changed the default motion blur duration value to 0.5

  • Improved handling of meshes and proxies that are invisible to the camera

  • Speed up of the "transforming vertices" phase in scenes with many objects

  • Simplified the "default" view of the light cache rollout


  • Added support for Falloff texmap in VRayVRmatMtl

  • Cleaner glossy reflections from area lights

  • Implemented Light Cache support for motion blurred hairs

  • Implemented more robust common tasks execution, leading to about 10% render speed gain

  • Optimized system CPU memory usage for bitmap textures


  • Added VRAY_BLENDED_GUI environment variable that, when set to 0, allows to run the VFB in a separate thread like before, otherwise it runs in the 3ds Max main thread by default

  • Better contrast function that preserves the black and white points

  • The render region coordinates are stored normalized to the image size

  • The vfbControl MaxScript function supports loading of color correction files

  • The vfbControl MaxScript function does not cause the VFB to show anymore

  • The "Edit comment" window appears under the mouse cursor when shown

  • The "Close" button in the "Edit comment" window is changed to "Save and close"

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Changed the default alignment to floating for 3ds Max 2016 and later due to issues with default docking

V-Ray Quick Settings

  • Light cache's Pre-filter is no more affected


  • Added max reflection depth control


  • Added MaxScript access to the "active" and "processBG" options


  • Changed trace reflections to enabled by default


  • Allow negative values for the U/V Crop/Place parameters in VRayHDRI

  • Added option to generates IFL lists with full file paths rather than relative

  • Faster rendering of tiled textures when the tiled memory limit is reached

  • Improved elliptical filtering


  • Simplify the interface options layout


  • Instancing for Alembic meshes is enabled by default


  • Improved calculations

V-Ray Light Lister

  • Made the light names fields wider and the list is sorted by the lights names


  • Added support for layers in the include/exclude list

.vrmesh exporter

  • Added support for VRayInstancer when "Export each mesh to separate file" option is selected

.vrscene exporter

  • The render state of objects is exported


  • Adding exceptions for applications and ports to the firewall

Lens analyzer

  • Added ability to generate texture for physical camera distortion map


  • Preserve UV set names for .geo/.bgeo files

Bug Fixes


  • Creating VRayFur either from the V-Ray Toolbar or the menus, was not attaching it to the source object's transformation

  • Fixed a crash when loading Alembic files containing particles with invalid positions

  • Fixed a crash when rendering a scripted material that extends a 3ds Max native material

  • Fixed a crash when rendering primitives with no faces with Embree

  • Fixed crash when rendering absolutely straight, motion blurred hairs with Embre

  • Fixed hang if cancelling the render during irradiance map calculation phase when DR

  • Fixed a random crash at the end of a render if "Get resolution from MAX" option is unchecked

  • Fixed artifacts when rendering hairs with Embree

  • Fixed some of the quad menu items registering more than once

  • Fixed issue where toggling the "Default Lights" option also changed VFB resolution preset

  • Fixed unhandled exception when doing distributed rendering an animation with any of the irradiance map incremental modes

  • Standard 3ds Max materials were not rendering with VRayOverrideMtl

  • Writing output with the "Separate render channels" can be interrupted

V-Ray / V-Ray RT CPU

  • Removed occurring bright pixels with progressive sampling


  • 3ds Max UI was freezing during and for some time after render to texture with large resolutions

  • Added support for animated UVW coordinates

  • Animation frames were duplicated

  • Changing map channels during Active Shade was not re-exported

  • Divide shading subdivs was not exported

  • Fixed crash due to leaking animated mesh light meshes

  • Fixed crash when VRayLight has Bercon Noise or Bercon Wood texture

  • Fixed incorrectly exported displacement plugin when it is animated

  • Fixed incorrectly exported material names starting with digits

  • Fixed random hang during "Waiting for renderer..." stage when rendering as production renderer

  • Fixed some of the messages in the console appearing on the same line

  • Fixed VFB occasionally freezing during rendering

  • Mesh light was missing if "Replace mesh with light" was off

  • Render server may crash on exit if there is a physical camera in the scene

  • Refraction environment map was used when Reflection/Refraction environment are disabled

  • Removed unnecessary displaced mesh re-exports

  • Rendering stops after VRayMtl Displace weight is changed

  • Texmap animation was not exported when the texmap was attached to VRayDisplacementMod or Output map

  • The 3ds Max render windows have data from the wrong render element when VRayMtlSelect is used in production rendering

  • The DMC sampler frame data was not updated properly along animation, interfering with Lock noise pattern

  • The Generate caustics option in VRayWrapperMtl was not exported

  • The Lock noise pattern option was not exported properly

  • The SSS2 render element was not exported

  • The VFB always pops up when rendering with as production renderer, even if switched off

  • VRayLight with Composite map was rendered black when base layer transparency was 0.0

  • VRayLightMtl was always emitting on back side

  • VRayProxy was rendering with frames offset in ping-pong playback mode

  • Wrong Alpha channel when rendering as production renderer and native 3ds Max frame buffer is used


  • The VRayEdgesTex Hidden edges option was ignored


  • Added support for procedural textures attached to VRayLights

  • Camera vignetting is applied on directly visible VRayLights in the Alpha channel

  • Fixed crash when restarting the rendering session

  • Fixed crash with VRayFastSSS2

  • Fixed rendering of VRayFastSSS2 in the VRayLightSelect render element

  • Fixed wrong refraction rendering with VRayVRmatMtl

  • Fixed wrong shading with mapped reflection glossiness

  • Instanced dome lights with different transformations render wrong

  • Optimized displaced geometry memory usage and skipped unnecessary re-exporting

  • Rect lights were producing incorrect shadow when lit by another rect light

  • VRayLight direct light was clamped with Max ray intensity value

  • VRayLights did not appear in VRaySelfIllumination render element


  • Curve color correction control is not updated when loading from file

  • Fixed messed image when switching from large image to a smaller one during comparison

  • No color corrections are applied in saved render output file

  • Some color correction parameters' values were not resetting

  • The RGB color is still restored from the lens effects source, even if the lens effects mode is "Render elements only"


  • Fixed wrong physical camera distortion when distortion map is used

  • Camera tilt parameters are not properly updated in the viewport for hidden cameras


  • Fixed wrong shadows with opacity of VRayMtl in VRay2sidedMtl in VRayBlendMtl

  • Fixed GTR/GGX wrong results when GTR tail falloff is different from 2.0

  • Fixed GTR/GGX invalid results with glossiness value of 1.0

  • The "Affect channels" option for refraction doesn't work when dispersion is enabled

V-Ray Quick Settings

  • Fixed issue preventing the loading of custom presets


  • Fixed rendering black with "multiply by front diffuse" in certain situations


  • Fixed a crash with multiple clippers one of which has material ID enabled when rendering with V-Ray RT


  • Fixed result affected by the geometry inside the shaded object when invert normal is enabled


  • Fixed a crash when rendering with Object-based illumination map


  • Wrong shading results when blended with VRayBlendMt


  • Interpolation and filtering options are not working if "Clear cache on render end" is enabled


  • Fixed a crash on VRayIES color temperature change with disabled viewport shading


  • Cancelling a render during "Updating instances" causes a crash at the end of the render


  • Glare mask was not working when using DR through network rendering jobs


  • Animated parameters of the VRayMetaball object do not update the preview in the viewport

  • Changing Particle inputs for VRayMetaballs via MaxScript doesn't refresh in UI automatically


  • Fixed a crash when using Bitmap texture with .ifl sequence for Thickness map in Render settings

  • Ox Render Settings were not applied to the exact group specified in the modified


  • Fixed the tab order for shader parameters controls


  • Slow import of proxy meshes with the weld option on


  • Fixed bug when exporting textures that have no tiling disabling and mapping type set to Explicit map channel

Hair & Fur

  • Fixed wrong color of VRayHairInfoTex in VRayMtl on motion blurred hairs

  • Fixed occasionally wrong shading results (-1.#IND)

.vrscene exporter

  • Rendering exported animation scenes should append frame numbers to the output images


  • Fixed conversion of PRT files with many particles