Official Release

Build: 5.00.03

Date: 16 June, 2020

Release notes for other V-Ray versions


Download V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max



New features


  • Add light path expressions support through mode of VRayLightSelect;
  • Add RGB primaries override for VRayBitmap option in the Color management;
  • Implement blue-noise optimization for the DMC sampler;
  • Support for rendering in ACEScg color space with option to recognize the texture color space from the file name;
  • Improve precision when rendering large scenes;
  • MikkTSpace support for tangent normal maps;
  • New version notifications in the new VFB and render settings About section;
  • Include the V-Ray AppSDK Python binding with the installation;


  • Add support for the VRayNormalMap rotation parameter;
  • Support for Environment and Self Illumination contribution for VRayLightSelect;
  • Add support for Out-of-Core codepath;
  • Support for 2D displacement;
  • Rendering of Phoenix FD Particle Shader in Fog mode;
  • Add support for OSL shaders;
  • Add support for Cellular map;
  • Add support for BerconTiles and Bercon Wood maps;
  • Implement a per-device GPU memory tracker;
  • Resumable rendering with progressive sampling;


  • Add Streaks generation options;


  • Add magenta-green tint slider to the White Balance color correction;
  • History saved render settings loading and comparing;
  • Background color correction;
  • Filmic tonemap color correction;
  • Image search in the History based on the saved scene name and note text;
  • Solo button Alt+mouse click enables only one light and toggles all the rest in LightMix;
  • Special element "Rest" in LightMix that includes everything not in the other elements;
  • Support for rendering without a memory frame buffer;
  • Undo for Layers actions;
  • Add entirely new implementation of VFB with integrated Layers compositing;


  • Add Map rotation parameter;


  • Add EV parameter;


  • Support common particle interface (IParticleObjExt) for Alembic that can be used with VRayInstancer and Phoenix FD;


  • Implement "Improved" Sky model;


  • Velocity streamline preview;

.vrscene exporter

  • Add option to export only selected nodes;

V-Ray scene converter

  • Implement a converter for Physical Material to VRayMtl;


  • Add support for lights post-processing in the new VFB;

V-Ray Asset Browser

  • A material library browser utility for the V-Ray Material Library;

V-Ray Material Library

  • Add material library downloader working both standalone and as part of the installation;

V-Ray Material Preview

  • Render the material previews with a custom .vrscene;


  • Add Coat and Sheen layers;
  • Add simple presets;


  • Add simple presets;


  • Add new car paint material with more precise flakes filtering and reduced memory usage;


  • Add a texmap that should be used solely with the VRayBitmap's and VRayTriplanarTex's mapping source input with stochastic tiling support;


  • Add randomized hue, saturation and gamma variance options;
  • Add new Random by Face material ID/Object ID/Element modes;


  • Rename VRayHDRI to VRayBitmap;


  • Add new blending modes Color Shift, Color Tint, Blend Alpha Straight, Blend Alpha Premultiplied;


  • Ability to be used as Mapping source for VRayBitmap;


  • Add a map that supports PointCloud Color Channel;


  • Support for environment lighting;


  • New installer experience with integrated bundled products: Chaos License Server, Chaos Cloud client and V-Ray Material Library;


Modified features


  • Add UI option to enable the MikkTSpace calculations from Global Switches;
  • Add UI option to switch back to the Native 3ds Max material swatches;
  • Optimize conversions between sRGB and ACEScg color spaces when using an OCIO configuration;
  • Faster calculation of VRaySun;
  • Remove some old stale options from the Global switches;
  • Remove the Use local subdivs from Global DMC along with the subdivs parameter of Brute force GI, materials and lights that was dependent on it;
  • Simplify the Color mapping options;
  • Simplify the Light cache options;

V-Ray Cloud

  • Animated parameters of VRayDistanceTex are not exported properly;
  • Animated position of geometry with large stationary interval differs;

V-Ray Cloud/V-Ray GPU

  • Add initial support for tyFlow instances rendering;


  • Automatically disable Out-of-core rendering when the engine type is RTX;
  • Implement Box sampler type for VRayVolumeGrid;
  • Add support for VRayUVWRandomizer stochastic tiling options;
  • Optimize memory footprint for motion blurred geometry both on CPU and GPU;
  • Skip degenerate faces when serializing the Embree tree;
  • Support for matte objects through VRayObjectProperties;
  • Support for VRayCarPaintMtl2 and VRayFlakesMtl2;


  • Endless updates when having a camera with tweaked tilt and shift parameters;

V-Ray Standalone

  • No image buffer rendering is implemented with new VFB, still processed output is written;


  • Remove "Generate render elements" UI option;


  • Automatically set the transfer function and RGB color space for normal maps;


  • Add Subsurface mode;


  • Add some tooltips;
  • Add fabric presets based on Sheen;
  • Add a "Default" preset;
  • Use GGX shadowing for all NDF-based BRDFs;


  • Print warnings for unsupported OSL shader parameters;


  • Add "None" option to hide the secondary color info in the status bar;
  • Add a progress bar for the loading of the History images;
  • Add image fitting types option and "Save in image" to the Background layer;
  • Group the History compare buttons in a single flyout button;
  • Implement renderer stats;
  • Preserve the original RGB channel when saving;
  • Save persistent settings independent on the scenes;
  • Support for color corrections and settings transfer for V-Ray Cloud;
  • Bucket outline improvements;
  • Enable the denoiser for history and loaded images;
  • Various usability improvements;


  • Render button to execute Render command instead of Render Last;


  • Use all supported formats as default filter for loading image;

V-Ray Asset Browser

  • Add "Use real world scale" and "Use triplanar mapping" options on import;
  • Rename the "ME" button to "Open ME on apply" to be more descriptive;

V-Ray scene converter

  • Put the converted material nodes in Slate Material Editor for displayed materials after scene conversion;

V-Ray Toolbar

  • V-Ray Toolbar to look relative to the vrenderXXXX.dlr directory for icon files to aid network installations;


  • Prevent values for the SSS radius parameters that cause artifacts;


  • Speed up and use less memory for blending frames having Grid Velocity with Time Bend controls;


Bug fixes


  • Body objects are always rendered with draft quality;


  • Incorrect VRayMtl with displacement texture after IPR update;

V-Ray Cloud

  • Per-frame export for animated parameters of Noise map;


  • Crash or artifacts when VRaySwitchMtl uses the default submaterial (since Beta 1);
  • Renders may get overexposed with VRaySun when changing scene units due to overflow;


  • CPU bucket rendering crashes with On-demand mip-mapped textures;
  • Crash with Fractal_3.osl OSL shader;
  • IPR crashes when rendering Out-of-core with CPU device;


  • OSL maps crash with shaders with string outputs;
  • Random crash with particle system in the scene;


  • Vector displacement produces wrong geometry with scaled objects;


  • Incorrect light cutoff when using the light shape for both shadows and illumination;


  • Crash after deleting maps linked to VRayOSLOutputSelector;
  • Shader and VRayOSLOutputSelector output values are reset when path to the OSL asset is modified;


  • Transfer exposure to camera is not working properly with Exposure Value (EV) mode;


  • Wrong VRayParticleTex shading with alembic particle color (since Beta 1);


  • .AUR files where the grid data is over 8GB are unreadable, fix requires Phoenix 4.20 and newer;
  • Meshes are rendering without motion blur and the Mesh preview is broken when a modifier is applied;
  • The resolved cache paths show huge numbers if looking at a frame outside the Timeline Origin - Play Length range;


  • Crash when loading Layer presets (since Beta 2);
  • Crash when saving all channels to .vrimg with LightMix, LUT and high resolutions;
  • MaxScript error that prevents rendering occurs when submitting scenes to Thinkbox Deadline;
  • Random crash with bucket rendering after multiple frames;
  • Render view not updated when compare is disabled with no image loaded;
  • Slowdown when rendering a scene with LightMix on V-Ray GPU;
  • Sometimes Lens Effects layer UI becomes disabled no matter the enable flag;

.vrscene exporter

  • Error when exporting a scene with empty mesh object;
  • Long string parameters containing escape characters get trimmed after 1023 symbols;

V-Ray Material Preview

  • 3ds Max 2021 hangs when creating Double Sided material in Slate Material Editor;

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Missing icons with light theme (since Beta 2);