Table of Contents

V-Ray 5, Update 2.3

Official release, update 2.3

Build: 5.20.23

Date: Apr 5, 2022

New Features


  • Adaptive Bucket Splitting;
  • Support for Max 2023;
  • Ability to bake metalness and roughness;
  • Add an option to include the Rest LightMix channel when saving to file;
  • Add fit aspect ratio to material/bitmap functionality for VRayDecal;
  • Add an option in VRayDenoiser for denoising the alpha;


  • Expose IES light shape and size to MAXScript;


Modified Features


  • Update Open Image Denoiser to version 1.4.2;
  • Allow higher Max Size for GPU textures, when mode is set to Resize;
  • Import for Cosmos materials with non-square textures;
  • New Shortcut (N) in the VFB2 to EDIT notes in the History;
  • Resumable rendering support for deep images;

V-Ray, VRayIES

  • Make the VRayIES file button larger;


  • Show more information when corrupted OCIO file is loaded regarding the error;

VRayOSL, V-Ray

  • Support for vector-like structures;


Bug Fixes


  • Crash with VRayMultiSubTex;
  • V-Ray Material Library path is not updated after installation if provided by environment variable;
  • V-Ray Standalone cannot load 3rd party plugins dependencies from arbitrary locations;
  • Cosmos importer fails to import asset with VRay2SidedMtl;
  • Viewport IPR option disappears from the viewport menus when using max.vray as a default setting (Custom default switcher menu);
  • Crash when rendering a specific scene file with 3dsmax frame buffer;
  • Render artifacts on the voxel borders of a V-Ray proxy geometry with Displacement modifier;
  • Modifying denoiser parameters in VFB2 with OIDN denoiser switches the denoiser type to Optix;
  • OCIO2 config might fail to load depending on locale settings;
  • VRayMultiSubTex produces incorrect results with Random Hue and Sat when exported;
  • Incorrect render time after enabling A/B compare and selecting an A image and then saving to history;
  • Missing parameters for the VRayUnclampedColor element;
  • Crash when loading .tx sequences in VRayBitmap;
  • Add support for Anima4D models export with Motion Blur;
  • Map connections are lost when drag and drop material from V-Ray Material Library to the Compact material editor slot;
  • Animated TyFlow cache with UVWmodifier is not exported as expected;
  • The "All" LightMix parameters values are not saved to presets and history;
  • Error on render resuming after enabling or disabling DR;
  • Crash in V-Ray IPR with Forest Color map and latest Forest Pro version;

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Incorrect results with VRayDecal during IPR debug shading;


  • Skipped frame when rendering non continuous frame list with V-Ray GPU;
  • GPU rendering not showing correctly with 3ds Max frame buffer;
  • Crash when using Matte objects, VRayAlSurface and Glass ;
  • VRayMtl in SSS with Matte object crashes in animation using V-Ray GPU;
  • Crash with CUDA CPU on MacOS;
  • Swapping GPU devices in the same 3Ds Max session crashes IPR and production rendering;
  • GPU LC is slower to render with big resolutions;
  • VFB Display correction is briefly reset while preparing for rendering with V-Ray GPU;
  • Rendering with CUDA a scene with BakeView produces black output;
  • V-Ray GPU does not bake all pixels when rendering to textures;
  • Crash when rendering scenes of objects with translucent materials and a shadow catcher;
  • Artifacts with layered VRayDecal objects;
  • VRaySun disc is rendered with offset in V-Ray GPU lately;
  • VRayDecal does not project VRayEdgesTex;
  • Texture baking doesn't work correctly with GPU;
  • Lighting discrepancy between CPU and GPU results when LightDirect is used with Intensity higher than 1;
  • Shadow Radius parameter of Directional and Omni light does not work;

V-Ray Light

  • Make rendering of instances of disabled lights instanced via VRayInstancer consistent between Max and Standlone;
  • Random crash in V-Ray IPR when creating VRayLight;
  • Disabling the affectSpecular and affectReflections options of a Dome light leads to inconsistent results;


  • Crash when creating a Physical material in slate material editor using 3dsmax 2018;
  • VRayMtl shortmap buttons are representing wrong maps when older scene is loaded in Max 2018;

VRayOSL, V-Ray

  • MDL displacement is not exported correctly;


  • VDB caches with invalid min/max channel value metadata are not handled;


  • VRayIES lights' include and exclude lists broken in MXS;

V-Ray 5, Update 2.2

Official release, update 2.2

Build: 5.20.02

Date: Dec 16, 2021


New Features

V-Ray, VRayPhysicalCamera, V-Ray GPU

  • Support for the texture mode of the lens distortion option in 3ds Max's Physical camera and VRayPhysicalCamera;


  • VRayCryptomatte support for Refraction and Reflection;


Modified Features


  • Add a "Manage Chaos License Server" button in Settings;
  • Add a warning in the Analyze exporter tool about gif assets;
  • Integrate the new RailClone API additions allowing non-geometric (light) objects instancing;
  • Support for modifiers which affect Railclone objects in Standalone and Cloud;
  • Add an option for V-Ray GPU IPR to use the Render states/counts/iterations/modes instead of the viewport ones;

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Add an option for backface projection in VRayDecal;
  • Improve VRayDecal viewport representation;
  • VRayDecal to respect bounding box positions for ordering;
  • Animatable VRayDecal parameters;
  • Support for Phoenix Simulators and Particle Shaders in the V-Ray Atmosphere RE with V-Ray GPU;


  • Reduce kernel compilation times by up to 60%;

V-Ray Hair Mtl

  • Change the default Compensate Energy in VRayHairNextMtl to OFF;

V-Ray Light

  • V-Ray lights' settings to be set to default value with right click on the spinners;
  • In creation mode the V-Ray light should inherit the parameter values of the previously edited light;

Bug Fixes


  • UDIM textures with more than 99 tiles in one dimension do not work;
  • Mapped fog color is not preserved on export with Preserve refraction in OverrideMtl;
  • Uninstallation of Chaos Thumbnail Handler may cause errors if it fails to complete fast enough;
  • Multiple VRayFastSSS2 materials do not export properly when they use the same VRayColor2Bump texture;
  • Crash when changing decal angle parameters in Max 2019;
  • VRaySoftbox's gradient handles are linked;
  • Spinner controls steps in the plugins with Qt native UI are not adaptive;
  • Anima characters not following walkway path on scene export;
  • Switching between two instances of VRayBitmap does not update all parameters in the Compact editor;
  • Wrong Lens Effects with Denoiser and Sharpen/Blur layers on big resolutions;
  • 3ds max 2017 crash when creating lights from VRayToolbar;
  • Anima Rigged characters' textures not rendering properly;
  • Crash when using VRayDecal and Cryptomatte Render Elements;
  • Closing the render settings window while GPU IPR is running resets Test resolution;
  • The selected color space for OCIO is blank when using specific modified OCIO file in 3dsmax 2019;
  • V-Ray not utilizing more than 64 threads in some cases on Windows 11;
  • Bump is reversed in reflections;

V-Ray Material Library

  • Create a new material library from a .max file doesn't work;


  • Black Light Cache prepass on high resolution renders;
  • VRayDecal doesn't work with VRayFur and Ornatrix in V-Ray GPU;
  • Different GI results with enable/disable render elements and HairNextMtl;
  • Textured VRayDecal does not work with on-demand-mip-mapped mode ;
  • The LPE don't capture the scattered self illumination of the EnvironmentFog or the VolumeGrid;
  • Crash with multiple instances of VRayDecal;
  • Crash in V-Ray GPU IPR when moving camera;
  • GPU Light cache freezes with certain scanned materials;
  • Memory leak with Light Cache Subdivs;
  • Increasing the GI depth during GPU interactive rendering causes a crash with specific scenes;
  • The Light Mix render element does not work correctly on GPU when the camera Auto Exposure is enabled;

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Issues with Anti-aliasing (bucket sampler only) when using VRayCryptomatte mask and Multi/Sub-object material assigned to single object;
  • VRayDecal V-Ray GPU IPR crash related to include/exclude lists

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU, VRayMultiSubTex, VRay Triplanar Tex

  • VRayDecal doesn't work with texture randomizations;

V-Ray, VRayFur, VRayPhysicalCamera

  • Composite map as a VRayDecal mask does not render on scene open;


  • VFB1 history right click menu is bugged;


  • Wrong tooltips with VRayMDLMtl;


  • VRayIES lights custom shape override is not working when scene is reloaded;


  • Dome light is created with wrong multiplier after scene reset;
  • Wrong VRayLight type when picking different light from VRayToolbar while in creation mode;
  • Dome light with units different from "Default" renders differently from the production renderer;


  • Crash during rendering the Helicopter Cosmos Asset and a Volume with Ray-traced scattering enabled;
  • Memory leak of the uvw and nonDisplacedVertices buffers when rendering in mesh modes;


  • Enabling one of the new Translucency modes of the BRDFVRayMtl during interactive rendering causes issues;

V-Ray 5, Update 2.1

Official release, update 2.1

Build: 5.20.01

Date: Nov 4, 2021


New features

V-Ray, VRaySun/VRaySky/VRayAerialPerspective

  • Add atmospheric contribution options to the VRaySun light;


Bug fixes


  • Crash when using VRayDecal and Cryptomatte RE;
  • Graphical glitches after adding color correction to a VFB composite layer with Cryptomatte mask;
  • Normal Bump maps crash 3ds Max when rendered in Material Editor swatches;
  • Previous render clear mode does not work with most render masks;
  • Crash when baking VRayAO with gpu;
  • Crash with Anima 4D characters when Production render has been started after a Viewport IPR session;
  • Cosmos material drag and drop doesn't work in 3ds Max 2018;


  • Crashes with VRayDecal in GPU IPR;
  • Cryptomatte with progressive sampling - issues when there is denoiser channel added;


  • Slowdown when blending materials with displacement using VRayDirt as blend amount;


  • Misplaced configuration files;

V-Ray 5, Update 2

Official release, update 2

Build: 5.20.00

Date: Oct 26, 2021

New features


  • An easy way of projecting one material on top of another;


  • Add contribution per light for atmospherics;


  • Cosmos Materials support;


  • Override material preserve functionality option for material displacement;
  • Override material preserve functionality option for Reflection/Coat/Sheen;
  • Curvature texture support for isolating Convex or Concave values;
  • VRayBlendMtl material to blend the displacement maps of the sub-materials;
  • Add support for animation exporting for the OSL plugin in Max;


  • Implement the thin-walled mode of the VRayMtl on the GPU;
  • Implement the new volumetric translucency modes of the VRayMtl on the GPU;

V-Ray, VRayInstancer

  • Lights as source objects for the VRayInstancer;

.vrscene exporter / Chaos Cloud

  • SiNi Software scattering plugins export;

  • Anima 4D characters support for V-Ray GPU and Chaos Cloud;

  • Dot-delimited frame number option in VRayStandalone;

V-Ray, VRayScene

  • Initial USD support in VRayScene node;


  • Add a Sharpen/Blur post effect layer;

  • Integrate rendering log in the new frame buffer;

  • Option to create an "effectsResult" channel when only Lens Effects layer is enabled (no Denoiser);

  • Option to bake Lens Effects intensity into the Glare channel;

  • Add an option for adding VFB color corrections to all render channels when saving to separate files;

  • Add option to set shortcuts for all VFB2 menu items;

  • Batch image processing in VFB2 for vrimg files;

  • Ability to add color corrections to the VFB Background layer


  • Support for Creases modifier with VRayDisplacementMod subdivision;

V-Ray, VRayMultiSubTex, VRayTriplanarTex, V-Ray GPU

  • Extend the randomization options in VRayMultiSubTex;


  • Implement support for the total lighting render element;
  • Support for Sparse Volumes on GPU using Nvidia's NanoVDB library;


  • Expose IES light shape and size to MAXScript;


  • Element recognition in VRayProxy;


  • Support for camera shaders;


  • Add Absorption color for the Volumetric Shader for CPU rendering;

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Cryptomatte with progressive sampling;

Modified features

.vrscene exporter/Chaos Cloud

  • Add a warning that default lights are unsupported when exporting scenes with no other lights;
  • Warning that 3ds Max output is not being saved with Standalone when there is a Separate render channels output;
  • Auto rename and add a warning if there are render elements with the same name;


  • Set the default Cosmos browser width to 480 pixels;

  • Switch Cosmos proxies to preview from file, when previews are available;

  • Cosmos HDRI "Import" button should replace/set the map if a Dome Light is currently selected;

  • Use whole mesh (and not the embedded) preview for certain assets (vehicles) on import;

  • Cosmos Import Options remembered after 3ds Max is closed;

  • Bring Cosmos browser to front if it is behind other windows and the user clicks the Cosmos Browser toolbar button


  • Improved LPE material label system;

  • Update Embree to 3.13.0;

  • Apply color corrections to the RGB channel when saving;

  • Remove the Subdivs parameter from V-Ray Light Lister;

  • Remove Quick V-Ray render settings from the Customize UI;

  • Add VRaySpecularMap and VRayReflectionMap bake render elements;

  • Ability to specify a camera to determine reflections for texture baking;

  • Missing parameters in the MAXScript vrscene export function;

  • Preserve the cosmos dialog size (and position) after 3ds Max restart;

  • Preview for UDIM textures in the realistic (Nitrous) viewport;

  • Auto rename duplicate channel names when auto creating LightMix render elements;

  • Display an error and abort the render if there are Progressive Caustics and DR set;

  • Install thumbnail handler for the VRScans files with V-Ray;

  • Consistent IPR scene update with IPR camera selected when View to Render has been locked;

  • Improve the data window values when using Auto mode for the VrayOptionRE;

  • VFB Lens effects were exported even when V-Ray VFB is disabled;

  • Per frame export for animated parameters of Composite map;

  • Better performance of dynamic geometry and tiled textures on many-core machines;

  • Add a custom color option for background in VRayExtraTex render element;

  • Implement Qt-based user interface for VRayMtl, VRay2SidedMtl, VRayALSurfaceMtl, VRayClipper, VRayColor, VRayFastSSS2, VRayProxy; 

  • Particles rendering with Embree;

  • Rename the VRay Asset Browser's 'Add to Scene' option to 'Add to Material Editor' or relevant;

  • Improved anisotropy for the V-Ray material;

  • Rename the VRay Asset Browser's 'Add all to scene' to 'Add all to material editor'


  • Use small buckets when rendering with CUDA CPU Only;

  • VRayDirt with "Ignore Invisible Objects" enabled should not be affected by lights that are invisible;

  • Spot Lights with narrow cones have wrong penumbra with V-Ray GPU compared to CPU;

  • Improve VRayTexOCIO on GPU;

  • Expose VRayTotalLighting RE in V-Ray GPU UI;
  • Oversaturated rendering of Mix map when mapped with values above 1

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Integrate Vantage Live Link with V-Ray for 3ds Max;

  • Replace the Create VRayMetaballs button in V-Ray Toolbar with Create VRayDecal button;

V-Ray, V-Ray GPU

  • Improve the machine info printed in the log in V-Ray Standalone or by the -version flag;
  • Calculate LC only on the GPU when V-Ray GPU is used;

  • Add support for tiled textures with large amount of tiles on V-Ray GPU;

  • V-Ray GPU fails to load and render tiles texture with Mudbox filename format with lowercase $u and $v;


  • Elapsed time is not showing in the VFB Stats tab when rendering in Bucket mode;
  • Add a new function vfbcontrol #historysize that exposes current history size to MAXScript users;

  • Add MAXScript command to transfer LightMix to scene;

  • Add an icon for the "off" state of the VFB layers;

  • The curve color correction in VFB2 shows visible banding for very low intensity images;

  • Change the Source back to RGB in VFB if the VRayBackToBeauty element is disabled;

  • Implement VRAY_VFB_GLOBAL_PRESET_FILE environment variable for the new VFB;

  • Allow masks for Render element layers;

  • Improve the Lookup table VFB2 correction;

  • Cameras in Render Pull-Down button in VFB to be listed in a sorted order;

  • Possible to load/save VFB2 shortcut configuration from/to file;

  • VFB2 should remember collapsed state of history and layer widgets;

  • Reset VFB position button in the Render Setup window;

  • Disable Layer controls if the layer is disabled;


  • Option to ignore bump in VRayCurvature;


  • Streaks breakthrough for VRayDirt;

  • Blur effect for streaks in VRayDirt;

  • Ignore bump option for VRayDirt;

  • Thin mesh mode for VRayDirt;

  • Add output section to V-Ray Dirt texture;

V-Ray, VRayInstancer

  • Support for reading custom data channels from Phoenix's PRT Reader in V-Ray Instancer;

V-Ray, VRayInstancer, VRayTriplanarTex

  • Thinking particles instancing to support Data Channels from TP (tPDCbitmap);

V-Ray, VRaySun/VRaySky/VRayAerialPerspective

  • Change the name of the "Improved" model in VRaySky to "PRG Clear Sky";

V-Ray, VRayTriplanarTex, V-Ray GPU

  • Add "by node handle" randomization mode in VRayTriplanarTex;

  • TriPlanar texture make textureable the "frame_offset" and "texture_rotation" parameters;

VRay2SidedMtl, VRayColor

  • Implement the UI of VRay2SidedMtl and VRayColor in Qt;


  • Ability to exclude objects / lights from VRayAO render element;
  • Add the "Ignore invisible objects" option to the VRayAO pass;


  • Add "auto" mode for the color transfer function in VRayBitmap;

  • Open browse window with VRayBitmap creation in 3ds Max 2022;


  • Fall back to Intel Denoiser when there is no suitable hardware for the NVIDIA Denoiser;

  • Add an option to the Denoiser to take under consideration that you are rendering 360 panorama;


  • Add the possibility to remove multiple objects from VRayDistanceTex list;


  • Gray out the mapping options in VRayEnvironmentFog when the current renderer is V-Ray GPU;


  • Implement Qt UI for VRayFastSSS2 Material;


  • Make the button for texture in VRayLight larger;

  • V-Ray lights' settings to be set to default value with right click on the spinners;

  • Remove some old stale options from the UI to reduce complexity;

  • Hide the No Decay option of V-Ray lights for new scenes;

  • VRayLights to only accept multiplier values above zero;

  • Don't disable adaptive dome lights if all excluded for shadows objects are already invisible for shadows;

VRayLight, VRayMtl

  • Extend the Drag and drop Cosmos HDRI textures;


  • Ability to suppress the MDL search path prompt;


  • Implement new physically correct GTR anisotropy based on linear stretching of the microsurface;


  • Add support for animation exporting for the OSLMap plugin in Max;


  • Link the values for EV and ISO to update together in VRayPhysicalCamera;


  • Make the Auto mode of "Flip Axis" in VRayScene node to work for USD files;

  • Scale setting for VRayScene node;


  • Remove Subdivs parameter from VRayStochasticFlakesMtl's UI;


  • Remove Subdivs parameters from VRayToonMtl's UI;


  • Minor UI improvements for VRayUVWRandomizer;


  • Speed up frame blending with Time Bend controls;

  • Enable Probabilistic Volumetrics by default for new scenes;

  • Sparsify VDBs exported by the Phoenix simulation or the cache converter;

  • Probabilistic shading should have an effect only with V-Ray in 3ds Max;

  • Enable GPU preview and velocity streamline preview in 3ds Max 2022;

  • Allow animating of the Solid, Wetting and Voxel Mode Override node properties in 3ds Max;

  • Move the Preferences and About dialog from the Simulator to the Phoenix FD menu;

  • Make Huffman compression of particles multi-threaded and break up the channels into pieces like the grid channels;

  • Make Zip compression of particles multi-threaded;

  • Sequential Tab ordering of the dialog controls in 3ds Max;


Bug fixes

.vrscene exporter/Chaos Cloud

  • VRayBitmap's Mono output set to Alpha doesn't work with Mix and Composite maps when exported;

  • Anima Subscription models are not rendered properly with Standalone and V-Ray GPU;

  • Wrong export of ColorCurveGrad.osl and SetFloat.osl;

  • The cache size for tiled textures is not exported;

  • Cache normals option in VRayDisplacementMod has no effect in vrscene;

  • Discrepancy with VRayUVWRandomizer's Random by Instance ID and Random by Particle ID modes in V-Ray Standalone;

  • Incorrect export to .vrscene of the mirror option in the Coordinates rollout;

  • MultiTexture results in V-Ray Standalone don't match V-Ray for 3ds Max when randomizing by object;

  • Forest Color results in V-Ray Standalone don't match V-Ray for 3ds Max when "random strength min" is greater than "random strength max";

  • Scene with empty name is exported incorrectly as .vrsceneuntitled;

  • Add a warning that VRayBitmap's Noise options do not render in Standalone;

  • VRayUVWRandomizer random by name / by element distribution on geometry mismatch with V-Ray Standalone;

  • No error code when exporting vrscenes to wrong paths;

  • Access violation on "Export and Render" in case of issues with finding V-Ray Standalone installation;

  • VRayMultiSubTex Random by Name distribution on VRayLight mismatch with V-Ray Standalone;

  • Exporting .vrscene zip or folder to existing one merges the assets instead of overriding them;

  • Archive as ZIP is greyed out if we open another scene to export;

  • OpenSubdiv Preserve Geom Bnd/Preserve Map Bnd options are not exported to .vrscene;

  • Wrong vrscene export - skipped switch material in blend;

  • Displacement texture of VRaySwitchMtl sub-material is not exported;

  • Some of the MultiSubTex modes are not properly exported to Standalone;

  • Motion blur shutter efficiency is not exported;

  • Disabling the 'generate render elements' option in the VRayDenoiser has no effect when exporting .vrscenes;

  • vrscene export doesn't register VRayDisplacementMod amount animation;

  • VRayDistanceTex with hidden reference object is not exported properly to vrscene;

  • Animated Gradient ramp is not exported with .vrscene file;

  • Show a warning for unsupported image filters when exporting to vrscene and Chaos Cloud;

  • Discrepancy with VRayTriplanar's Random by Instance ID and Random by Particle ID modes in V-Ray Standalone;

  • Negative anisotropy values are clamped to 0 in vrscene export;

  • VrayEnvironmentFog with loaded animated atmospheric gizmo is not exported to .vrscene;

  • Warnings during scene export fail backburner jobs;

  • Incorrect scene export with Forest Pro with camera motion blur and forest camera density/scale checkboxes enabled;

  • VRayMtl's animated map multipliers / color swatches are exported incorrectly;

  • Animated self illumination multiplier of VRayMtl is not exported to Standalone/Chaos Cloud when a map is used;

  • Mapped Fog color of VRayMtl is not exported properly;

  • Per frame export for animated Phase parameter of VRayNoiseTex map;

  • Per frame export for animated parameters of VRayNoiseTex map;

  • Forest Pack 7 "Limit to visibility" feature doesn't work with animation export


  • Cosmos import options window for 3ds Max 2018 is not properly scaled and moved;

  • Cosmos importer settings should be persistent across 3ds Max sessions;

  • Bump amount of imported Cosmos assets doesn't scale properly depending on the 3ds Max Units Setup;

  • Wrong Cosmos gallery size in maximized browser window after reopen;

  • Cosmos browser exceeds desktop height on higher desktop scale (250%);


  • Installer displays wrong destination paths for 3ds Max 2022;

  • Some of the shortcuts that V-Ray installs are not visible in the Windows Start Menu;


  • Rendering animation to vrscene or on the Cloud during simulation will render only the first cache from the sequence;

  • Transforms of Render Cutter, Glass geometry or Fade volume do not contain animation when exported to vrscene from 3ds Max;

  • Rendering in Mesh Mode with Smoothing and Motion Blur enabled loses the smoothed normals in 3ds Max;


  • Crash with camera shaders on process exit;

  • Fish eye auto-fit option is ignored on vrscene export;

  • Normals render element is wrong with texture baking when a bake camera is specified;

  • Crash when successively deleting cameras in V-Ray Camera Lister;

  • MaxScript error (and no export) with the VRMat converter when a VRayMultiSubTex is present in the shader;

  • 3ds Max freezes on scene reset if there is a corrupted vrimg file in VFB2 image history;

  • V-Ray Spawner is restarted on second V-Ray DR render;

  • Typos in the usage text of Material Library Downloader;

  • Crash with Slate material editor when the material renderer is V-Ray but the production renderer is another;

  • Crash with printing warning on scene export having MultiScatter in the scene;

  • vfbcontrol #historyload returns control back to the caller before the image is loaded;

  • V-Ray Scene Exporter Analyze UI is messed if Cloud submitter is opened over it;

  • Difference between material displacement with and without a modifier with the same settings;

  • Register V-Ray menus writes in Program Files when no user settings are present;

  • Crash when rendering specific scene with Physical materials in Standalone;

  • Rendering with VFB2 in V-Ray Standalone prints QObject::installEventFilter message;

  • Pixel aspect is not applied on render begin but only if toggling the pixel aspect option;

  • VFB2 menu shortcuts are listed multiple times in 3ds Max 2018 and 2019;

  • .vrscene exporter / Chaos Cloud's V-Ray path browse button doesn't work in 3ds Max 2022;

  • Thinking Particles normal meshes (non instanced) are no longer rendering along with Instances or when Instancing is turned on in tP.;

  • JSON validation when trying to load layer presets wtih MAXScript;

  • Wrong render with V-Ray GPU when the frame being rendered is outside the active time segment;

  • Error with Max Batch resulting from Cosmos importer connection on 3ds Max startup;

  • Incorrect shadows on alembic file when including it to a light;

  • Problem with reflections when baking VrayCompleteMap;

  • Material IDs are not rendered properly on Thinking particles using instancing;

  • ThinkingParticles are not rendered at all with Render Instance enabled if they don't have explicit Shape instancing;

  • Standalone generates artifacts when switching the material slot (of a multi material) in animation;

  • Create V-Ray Physical Camera command is missing in main menu;

  • Exception when rendering with V-Ray GPU from viewport that is set to align with some light;

  • VRayDRBucket render element could be denosied;

  • Image file paths are not listed in the asset tracker for VRayBitmap texmap with <UDIM> tiles;

  • Difference in displacement between 3ds Max and Standalone;

  • VRayInstancer doesn't render VolumeGrid with motion blur enabled;

  • Laggy Cosmos Browser when the create light operation in Max is still active;

  • VRayInstancer, VRayMetaball, VRayPlane, VRayScene, VRaySphere are incorrectly named in the Modifier list in Max 2022;


  • V-Ray GPU crashes on render end in scenes with VraySun and disabled atmospheric effects;

  • Remove Prepass samples option from GPU render settings;

  • Gray out "Multiply color by opacity" option of the V-RayLightMtl when V-Ray GPU is selected as engine;

  • Crash in V-Ray GPU IPR when switching GPU Light cache on/off and restarting IPR;

  • Specific UDIMs are not supported on GPU;

  • Crash with GPU Light cache from file on second render;

  • GPU Light cache from file is not working;

  • Simple scene renders much slower with adaptive dome light and specific dome texture;

  • Crash with CUDA-CPU and k2 on the 3990x threadripper;

  • Incorrect results with VRayMtl SSS translucency if the 'Scatter Radius' has zero components;

  • VRayOCIO does not convert VRayColor;

  • Missing highlight with thin-walled glossy refraction;

  • Environment changes are not reflected in IPR with GPU LC unless another change is made after them;

  • Artifacts with VRayClipper using C++/CPU rendering;

  • Crash in hybrid mode with specific setup with refractive material, bucket sampler and kernel 2;

  • Incorrect results with invisible lights behind objects with refraction glossiness;

  • GPU crash with a specific setup including V-Ray UVWGenExplicit and BerconNoise;

  • GPU Light Cache has 0 num samples in several test scenes;

  • Error 700 with GPU LC and self illumination test scene;

  • Endless GPU LC calculation with OptiX on RTX hardware;

  • Animated VRayLight is not rendered on proper position;

  • UVs break when using demand Mip-mapping with .tx files;

  • Freezes during K3 on scenes containing ALSurface;

  • Copying objects during Optix IPR is not considered;

  • Artifacts in shadow when rendering scene with VRayFur;

  • Light cache error when render is stopped during Light cache;

  • Wrong alpha in specific scene when k3/ooc geometry is used;

  • Wrong dirt in extra tex with k3/ooc geometry in specific scene;

  • Wrong extra_tex render in specific scene when kernel3/ooc is enabled;

  • Missing particles from nightly scene when k3/ooc geometry is used with V-Ray GPU;

  • Wrong SSS render in nightly scene when k3/ooc geometry is used with V-Ray GPU;

  • Multicamera VR does not render correctly with GPU in Standalone/Cloud;

  • Artifacts when AL grid is loaded from light cache;

  • GPU Light cache Error when aborting render during Loading bitmaps phase;

  • The MultiMatte render element renders different result in V-Ray GPU compared to V-Ray;

  • VRayLightMtl Compensate camera exposure not working properly on other than Standard camera modes in GPU;

  • Crash with VRayExtraTex RE, visible lights and GPU Light cache;

  • IPR crashes with GPU Light Cache when changing the Background color quickly;

  • Incorrect VRayLightSelect RE with GPU light cache and multiple light selects containing the same light;

  • Fireflies with refractive materials;

  • Crashed various test scenes with Out of core on Linux with GPU;

  • Darker GI with matte objects when matte for refl/refr is off;

  • Artifacts in VRayLightSelect RE when rendered with LC GPU on multiple GPU machine;

  • Exception with GPU Light cache and RTX with specific scene;

  • Artifacts in IPR with GPU Light Cache when adding/cloning/moving point lights (like IES, Omni, Spot);

  • Difference in rendering VRayMtl with sheen color inside VRay2SidedMtl in CUDA;

  • Shutter efficiency has no effect on motion blur with CUDA;

  • Adaptive Lights with Distributed Rendering and Point light artifacts;

  • Render artifacts with shelled glass geometry intersecting the bounding box of the Volumetric grid on V-Ray GPU;

  • Grid artifacts when rendering Particle Shader in Fog mode under the liquid surface with V-Ray GPU;

  • V-Ray GPU crashes with enabled motion blur and "Default geometry type" set to "Auto";

  • Crash when rendering VRayCarPaintMtl2 in animation;

  • Objects render black on using Metalness with no reflection color;

  • Crash on second render with GPU Light cache and Resumable rendering;

  • Artifacts in IPR with GPU Light Cache when adding/cloning/moving point lights (like IES, Omni, Spot);


  • Off in viewport for modifiers also disables them in V-Ray GPU IPR;

  • Max switches to ticks for the whole duration of V-Ray GPU IPR;

  • Freeze in V-Ray GPU IPR with GPU Light cache when moving camera or geometry;

  • Incorrect IPR update with GPU LC when drawing render region in VFB;

V-Ray GPU, V-Ray

  • Crash when sliding timeline during IPR session with hybrid mode, OOC and GPU Light cache;


  • V-Ray IPR restart loop with Anima 4D characters;

  • POV viewport menu selection doesn't аffect IPR render view after selecting camera in VFB;

  • Crash when stopping IPR after using debug shading with isolate selected material;

  • Exposure control from VRay camera is not immediately applied in IPR when switching views;

  • Environment (Physical camera) exposure control not updated during IPR;

V-Ray Material Library

  • Material Library No preview for materials/libraries with non-standard names;

  • Material browser preview data table is highlit on mouse hover without being interactable;

  • Minimum width for the Asset preview window (Material Library);

  • V-Ray Asset Browser (Material Library) to preserve the material name when added to the scene;

V-Ray Toolbar

  • When loading application package from arbitrary location the toolbar icons are not loaded;

  • Cosmos browser button(s) missing in 3ds Max 2016 & 2017;

V-Ray, VRayPhysicalCamera

  • VRayPhysicalCamera with Exposure Value Mode is affected with 0 and negative shutter speed;

  • Particles created by the simulation sometimes have invalid or repeating IDs;

V-Ray Bitmap to VRayBitmap converter

  • Output selections of Bitmap are not transfered when converting to VRayBitmap;


  • Non-latin characters not displaying properly in VFB Source:LightMix;

  • V-Ray crashes when reading VFB2 Layer presets with unexpected format;

  • Color correction layers are not disabled when Render element is selected in VFB;

  • Crash when zooming a lot in image files with Exposure correction in VFB2;

  • It is possible to drag color corrections above the display correction;

  • VFB2 curve "Save As Type" file filter is incorrect;

  • Curve or White balance pipette tool stays active after layer is disabled;

  • Coat and Sheen specular render elements are visible into LightMix menu;

  • Black VFB when aborting a subsequent render if Denoiser is enabled;

  • VFB2 Layers tree is reset in V-Ray Standalone if quotation symbol is used in a layer's name;

  • Reset all to default doesn't reset removed hotkey after Resolve conflict;

  • Lens effects do not work correctly when using VRayStereoscopic helper;

  • Overbright Lens Effects in an image with NaN pixels;

  • Black buckets when loading a denoiser layer via an image in the History while rendering;

  • VFB2 fails to load vrimg file in specific case when there is a rendered image and History is disabled;

  • Incorrect values for render region in VFB2 with MaxScript control function;

  • Crash when applying Curves correction in VFB2 when the loaded image has no RGB channel;

  • Color picker window is not contained in the desktop boundaries;

  • Possible incorrect output with disabled Post Effect layer;


  • Opacity mapped objects are incorrect in VRayZDepth with Don't filter environment option enabled;


  • UDIM files are not resolved when using User defined attributes in VRayBitmap;

  • Different filtering of VRayBitmap if mapping source is a VRayTriplanarTex texture;

  • UDIM textures with ${VAR_NAME} are not working;

  • Regression in resolving paths from User defined attributes in VRayBitmap;

  • Textures with <UDIM> and <UVTILE> tags and relative paths are not loaded in VRayBitmap;

VRayClipper, VRayPlane

  • V-Ray Clipper with "Use object material" turned on crashes with Forest;


  • VRayCurvature map's name gets reset on scene reload;

  • Difference with VRayCurvature in V-Ray Standalone;


  • VRayDenoiser's denoising engine dropdown is grayed out for machines without any dedicated GPUs;


  • VRayDirt set to Inner occlusion appears in Reflection RE with V-Ray Standalone;

  • Debug shading Ambient occlusion mode is wrong for displaced geometry in V-Ray GPU IPR;

  • Crash when VRayDirt with Streaks enabled is used for OverrideMtl and Preserve options;


  • Graphic UI elements mismatch and out of borders in VRayDisplacementMod;


  • Discrepancy with Particle Systems and VRayDistanceTex between Max and Standalone/Chaos Cloud. Max rendering improved;


  • Crash when rendering specific scene with VRayEdgesTex as bump and increased number of light cache bounces;


  • Crash with incorrectly merged Environment's fog objects;

VRayEnvironmentFog, VRaySun/VRaySky/VRayAerialPerspective

  • Wrong consistent render elements of scenes with VRayAerialPerspective;

VRayExposureControl, V-Ray

  • V-Ray Exposure Control is not working with EV value from VRayPhysicalCamera;


  • Crash when rendering rectangular 3ds Max light with VRayFastSSS2;

  • Wrong effect of VRayScatterVolume with very high values of SSS color;


  • Crash when loading scenes with changed shader paths and null fingerprints;


  • In OSL shaders some built-in global derivatives are wrong on GPU;


  • Known system exception when loading ies files via MAXScript;


  • Crash when rendering VRayInstancer with animated instanced object and motion blur;

  • Crash with old scenes with VRayInstancer using Thinking particles;


  • Incorrect (larger) lighting analysis illuminance values with area light sources;


  • Crash on render with V-Ray Light select RE and refractive matte object intersecting another geometry;


  • Crash with clear coat material and subdivided geometry and very high material reflection depth;

  • NAN pixels with refractive material with negative Fog bias;

  • Wrong Preserve refraction with Thin-Walled option;


  • It is not possible to set a number lower than 1 for ID of VRayMultiSubTex;

VRayMultiSubTex, V-Ray GPU

  • Output of the randomized maps is clamped with VRayMultiSubTex;


  • Animation of VRayNormalMap map rotation parameter is not exported to vrscene;


  • Help text indented with spaces is not displayed correctly in VRayOSLTex;

  • VRayOSLTex Clear doesn't remove the applied texture maps;


  • VRayPhysicalCamera's Tilt corrections don't match the viewport;


  • VRayPluginNode unlinked textures are still rendered;

  • VRayPluginNode UVW generators are not animated as expected;


  • Crash when setting Gradient Ramp map for VRayPluginNodeMtl BRDFStochasticFlakes Random color map;


  • Preview levels list becomes disabled and empty when switching display modes;

  • Creating a new VRayProxy with "preview from file" uses the default cube for viewport selection;

  • VRayProxy fails to show viewport preview when opening a scene;


  • Difference in the clear coat layer of VRScans car paint materials between NEXT and 5;


  • VRaySoftbox should use the Base color swatch if a base map is not specified;


  • VRaySphere does not work with VRayInstanser;


  • Crash with VRayStochastic flakes and random hue in specific scene;


  • No effect of Sun invisible and Sun size multiplier options in VRaySky with specified VRaySun node;


  • The VRayToon effect does not work with some camera types and FOVs around 180;


  • Increase/Decrease Grid Resolution buttons scale the simulator size after merging a scene in 3ds Max 2022;

  • Changing the frame during 3ds Max V-Ray IPR CPU distorts the Phoenix mesh when it has modifiers;

  • Phoenix mesh renders incorrectly in animation with V-Ray Standalone when it has 3ds Max modifiers applied to it;

  • Retiming particles without IDs causes them to disappear in blended frames;

  • Particles rendered as Bubbles inside of a liquid mesh render darker when exported from 3ds Max to vrscene;

  • All types of Phoenix previews are drawn on top of and occlude V-Ray's Viewport IPR in 3ds Max;

  • Surface Channel of the Liquid Simulator resets to Liquid when rendering starts in 3ds Max;

  • Re-timed particles using Time Bend Controls lose their ID channel;

  • Out of memory Error during building mesh with Phoenix liquid when rendering a scene with V-Ray Standalone on Linux;

  • The voxel preview in 3ds Max 2022.1 is multiplied by the object color;

  • Active Body simulation with many bodies is very slow in 3ds Max with Macro Recorder enabled;

  • Crash when rendering Phoenix Simulator with Export as Particle plugged into V-Ray Instancer's Particles list during simulation;

  • Hiding all Phoenix nodes translates the instances when the Phoenix Simulator is used as Particles in V-Ray Instancer;

  • The Beer and Ocean presets are rendering differently in V-Ray Standalone for 3ds Max and Maya;

  • Phoenix GUI license is taken with 3dsmaxbatch.exe simulations;

  • Crash when meshing grids nearing or over 2 billion voxels;

  • Crash if A_StopSim() is called on changing the timeline frame during simulation in 3ds Max;

  • Crash when constructing the scalar Speed channel of VDBs whose bounding box does not start at 0,0,0;

  • Starting or restoring the simulation sometimes randomly fails on Threadripper 3990X;

  • Crash when resimulating liquids to VDB, since Phoenix 4.10;

  • Crash during IPR of a Particle Shader in Bubbles mode with Render as Geometry ON;

  • Crash when exporting the ID channel of a particle system with more than 536'870'911 particles;

  • The cache is appearing skewed in the Extended GPU Preview when the selected viewport is turned into the extended GPU Preview Window;

  • Repeating Undo in the Phoenix MAXScript window will ultimately erase all the script;

  • Splashes Foam on Hit Amount is named Size Distribution in Track View;

  • Probabilistic volumetrics render particles in Point mode incorrectly when combined with Smoke;

  • Fire and fire lights illumination are not visible in Reflection render element with V-Ray CPU;

  • No motion blur from translation with more than 10 Simulators/V-Ray Volume Grids in Volumetric mode in 3ds Max;

  • Maya viewport gets stuck when using a Particle Texture as a Surface Channel for meshing;

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